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New Home Sales Are Tanking

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

RealtyTrac’s data shows that sales of lower priced houses, those most likely to be first-time purchases, have “fallen through the floor. It’s the clearest demonstration of a first-time buyer affordability gap.” And without first-time buyers there will be no buyers able to move to their second home and so on up the tiers. (Link)

Mortgage purchase applications dropped 5% week over week two weeks in a row, for the latest week’s report (Oct 24). Bloomberg was uncharacteristically spin-free in its assessment: The big drop this month in mortgage rates has yet to raise demand for purchase applications which, in the October 24 week, fell a sharp 5.0 percent for the second straight week. And the trend for purchase applications is suddenly moving lower with the year-on-year rate now at minus 15 percent.

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4 comments to New Home Sales Are Tanking

  • Frank Zak

    I have been a broker in Los Angeles 34 years. Kranzler
    is the most remarkable idiot I have
    seen in my lifetime.

    Stupid isn’t the word for this shyster.

  • Frank Zak

    When will Kranzler admit he screwed up on real estate ?


    Reason, he thinks you are stupid.

    They will tell you anything to sell you silver.

  • Frank Zak

    Silver guru = sociopath

    A person whom has no heart and feelings even if you loose
    everything listening to them. No lie is too big.

  • Gerald

    I was one that listened. I bought in at 24.00 but luckily I woke up and have put money to use in real estate. Here in Tyler,Tx,things are booming.I will soon have two homes and owe less than half of what they are worth. That translates into 50 grand in one year for hard work,since I do most of the labor.Much better payoff than my 1000 oz of silver.So,no,I won’t buy anymore no matter how low it gets.There most likely will always be a demand for housing,especially rental.

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