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MUST READ: JIM WILLIE’S Rebuttals to Jim Rickards’ Recent USA Watchdog Interview Rant

[Ed. Note: We have long argued that Jim Rickards is a gatekeeper and a mouthpiece for the establishment. Case in point: Jim Rickards Exposes Himself as an Establishment Shill Covering Up CIA Involvement in 9/11 Insider Trading — Calling It “IRRELEVANT.”]

from Jim Willie, via Perpetual Assets:

Some people in our community have wondered exactly whose side Jim Rickards is on. Many have recently argued he is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the globalists. Perhaps we should question anyone who is purporting that an SDR currency could be the solution. That is the solution for the globalist thieves. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Mr. Rickards was interviewed by Greg Hunter recently. The below are comments from our friend Jim Willie, whom we believe to be one of the best sources of information that doesn’t work for the parasitic cartel of banking thieves.

First we give you the interview here, with commentary and Dr. Willie’s rebuttals below

The Chinese are hedging against not only the USDollar risk inherent to their vast reserves, but the entire global USD-based financial structure.
/ jw


Jim Rickards is an interesting figure, author of a new book entitled ‘Death of Money‘ that has been well received. He is a culpable system wonk and serves a purpose while appearing as a maverick and friend of gold. The following are his thoughts put to prose, with my rebuttals in bold parentheses. The Islamic State, the emerging caliphate, is not a new concept, but rather an old fixture for centuries, now awakened. The USGovt has been caught off guard (nonsense, the USGovt actively revived it for their destabilization purposes after exiting Iraq, to use the wild card).

Their guerrillas have captured equipment, and been supplied possibly by diverted Saudi arms. A risk of spectacular terror attack exists, including a risk from disruption of oil transport. The United States depends little on Gulf oil supply, but China and Europe depend heavily on the Gulf region for their oil, suddenly at risk. The crude oil market has 3 main factors currently working to provoke a price decline. 1) supply & demand equation slowing down, 2) geopolitical wild card not seen yet, 3) monetary policy giving us deflation. Rickards dislikes the black swan metaphor, and prefers the snowflake and avalanche, which signifies the accumulated risk. The Ebola virus presents a pandemic risk, but still is just a snowflake. It could grow to become a pile of snow, or to become an avalanche.

The financial markets can be taken down by unforeseen events. However, the many blunders to date are built into the system, already recognized, having happened, and factored in. Rickards cannot anticipate the timing of calamity, but the magnitude of the collapse can be foreseen. Rickards accuses Russia as having responded asymmetrically with cyber warfare, an example at Nasdaq in 2010. (But Russian virus traces could easily have been planted by Langley software experts. Langley has been improperly painting Iran and China for many years, to take blame for Langley’s own extensive work in cyber attacks.) People must realize that securities and assets are not money. People do not know what money is, which is cash or precious metals. If restrictions or market shutdowns occur, then they learn fast what is money and what are stuck assets. Rickards suggests to have 10% in gold & silver, as one asset class. Gold is not digitalized, has no counter-party, has no limitations like cash limits on withdrawal.

Notice all the Too Big To Fail banks have even greater concentration of assets than in 2008. It is therefore easier to lock down the few big banks if the goal is to limit withdrawals and access. The non-directional volatility in stock market is evident, big up and down moves on successive days. Rickards is certain of no rate hike by the USFed, as he is more afraid of deflation taking fast root. (Total agreement on ZIRP Forever.) Notice how Buffet bought several hard assets and sits on record level of cash (20%). A calamity is coming as certainty, but when it hits, it will be exponentially larger than any collapse in past. A progression is crystal clear. The 1998 LTCM failure was big, the 2008 Wall Street failure bigger, maybe in 2016-2018 the USFed will be in trouble with other major central banks for the biggest calamity. (USFed has been in deep trouble, near catastrophic trouble since the start of QE bond purchases.) Each crash is bigger, and each bailout bigger than the previous. The central banks are set to fail, but some entity must be ready and have huge potential to bail out the central banks.

The Intl Monetary Fund is big enough to bail out central banks, so Rickards believes. (The Jackass believes such a notion is preposterous and delusional, since the IMF is a hollowed out defunct pillar.) The IMF could produce $4 to $5 trillion in SDR basket units in a short period of time. Its offices contain a trading desk. (Huh? The IMF operates on member pledges, and currently is broke. If various high weight nations pledge $trillions, the entire FOREX currency system would quickly collapse, and might force a sudden double or triple in the Gold price, leading to sudden implosion.) All roads lead to hyper-inflation, the clear signal. The USDollar is going to fall versus the SDR basket of currencies, Rickards expects. (Such a notion is again errant, since the USD is the biggest component to the SDR. So the USD cannot fall versus itself in dominant team basket.) The IMF could conduct a rescue based upon a hyper-inflation exercise since it is a faceless edifice that can man the printing press, with offices on 19th Street in Washington DC. (The IMF will be converted into a Chinese tool for its purposes, likely to grease the ramp for a BRICS gold currency launch.)

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45 comments to MUST READ: JIM WILLIE’S Rebuttals to Jim Rickards’ Recent USA Watchdog Interview Rant

  • NIX

    +1 Willie Richard is a dispicable psycopath like it’s masters.

    • NIX

      So if this cockroache say you must hold only 10% of your asset in gold ???? YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO (.)

      • Rodster

        Yes, that means you MUST subscribe to his newsletter. Willie, loves his bitches. 🙂

      • Ed_B

        Yep… hold 10% of our wealth in non-PM assets! 🙂

        • Johny Comelately

          I always find it amusing when people who make it their career touting the virtues of gold only recommend it should be 10% of your portfolio. Having 10% in anything is a “safe” speculation. 10% gold is a good start for most people as they have 0%, but real gold and silver advocates need to step up and say 25%+ is a good idea. Personally I think 50 – 90% is smart allocation target for bullion in ones portfolio.

          • Angel

            Yes, exactly. A measly 10% implies that either you really DON’T have very much faith in the metals, or you don’t want to encourage others to have very much faith in the metals.

            It also implies that you DO have considerable faith in fiat currency, and would like to perpetuate that system.

            • johns

              Who the hell would believe this Karen Hudes drinkin’ buddy ????

              All the world’s gold to be confiscated and buried in Switzerland by 2020 argues Jim Rickards


              Angel, I also caught the Rickards mention in the KOOS interview with Turd… glad to see someone else listening with both eyes. 🙂

              • Angel

                I saw that Switzerland article the other day. Maybe he figures he needs to be more sensational in order to sound believable.

                • Nd60





                  If you are safely dead and beyond-shadow of doubt ready to cross-over…
                  Published on Dec 31, 2012
                  *Crossroads* won the 2013 Free Speech Award by American Insight:
                  ## pls feel free to pass this new worldview on ##

                  Safe is illusion and ready is delusion
                  Wealth is Greed-emotional-triggered and Watchman is Fear-emotional-triggered

                  YOU ARE BEING REVEALED!

                  YOU HAVE NOTHING!
                  YOU ARE NOTHING!

                  otherwise the show must go on…. enjoy your soda beer and pop corn chips and that remote control seemingly give you a BOOST of sense of god-anointed-power virtual far-reaching ‘control’
                  they are not here… YET?!

                  😀 😀 😀


              • Brad Barnes

                You realize that was a fiction piece he wrote.

                From the original – [Editor’s Note from Jim Rickards: The following article describes a fictional dystopia in the spirit of Brave New World or 1984. It is not a firm forecast or prediction in the usual analytic sense. Instead, it’s intended to provide warning, and encourage readers to be alert to dangerous trends in society, some of which are already in place. Thank you.]

          • Joe

            Why stop at the portfolio? What about those who do not have a “portfolio?” As such, for starters, 10% – 20% of household NET WORTH is more like it…

  • rich

    The GLD Trust Is Being Drained

    Another 9 tonnes of gold was removed from the GLD trust yesterday. This takes the “reported” amount down to 751 tonnes. The last time the reported amount of gold in the trust was at this level was November 18, 2008. The price of gold was $738.

    Individual share selling of “odd lots” of GLD – where and “odd lot” is defined at as anything less than the 100,000 shares required to redeem gold from the Trust – does not trigger the removal of gold from GLD. Poor investor sentiment does not trigger the removal. The only way gold is removed is if one of the Approved Participant bullion banks collects 100,000 share baskets and turns them in exchange for the delivery of gold bars. Once that gold is removed, it disappears.

    On March 24 this year, GLD was reporting 821 tonnes. Since then, 70 tonnes have been removed. Most of it has been removed since late August. It’ s no coincidence that the drain in gold from GLD happens to coincide with the strongest seasonal period of the year for Chinese and Indian gold buying. Recent reports suggest that India imported 131 tonnes of gold in September. This number would not include the large amount of gold being smuggled into India. The Russian Central Bank released its gold holdings thru September, which showed it added 1.2 million ounces – or roughly 34 tonnes. This was the largest monthly addition to its gold holdings ever reported. And the most recent data from China show that, since returning from the observance of a national holiday, the Chinese demand for gold in the 2 days prior to the holiday shutdown and the 3 days after re-opening was over 66 tonnes.

    With numbers like this being reported from the largest gold buying areas in the world, it’s hard to believe that the gold being removed from GLD is being used for any purpose other than to meet western bullion bank delivery requirements into these countries.

    While it is clear that GLD is being drained in order for the bullion banks to avoid delivery default, it would be infinitely more interesting to know how much of the gold still sitting in JPM’s vault has paper claims attached to them. That is, to what extent has this gold been hypothecated. But because of the protections afforded the GLD Custodian by the investment prospectus, not even the GLD auditor can make unannounced visits to inspect HSBC’s files on this matter.

    So, do you really trust HSBC and its custodianship of GLD gold?

  • willy groper

    Shill, Shill, Shill

    Fast talkin used car salesman.

    Framing the beheading in OK as radical muslim after stating workplace violence.


    Rickards has his own agenda.

  • Sam

    The “Golden Jackass” speaks the truth and, once again, many refuse to pull away from the lamestream mind numbing BeeEss.

  • Sam

    They know CHAOS is coming:

  • AndyB

    I’ll take JW over Rickards any day given that Rickards has been all over the propaganda networks lately. When the elites want to frame an issue they send out the shills to do their bidding. Rickards quite clearly is a CIA asset and since the Rothschilds control the CIA to foment global chaos, anything that Rickards says must be viewed in this context.

  • JMS

    I listened to this interview 3 times b/c of 2 odd things: One, the unsolicited explanation as to how ISIS was up to its ears in US military equipment. I mean really, was that question even on the table when he made the statement? Two, his fast talking declaration that an asymmetric warfare tactic, such as the detonation of a device, would occur and would precipitate a financial crash. He said it so quickly, I had to listen to the interview several times to understand what he said. Correct me if you think I am wrong, but he declared that such an event would occur.

    • Sam


      Since Rickards speaks with some weird lisp and goes at it with some unnatural pace as well, could you post the minute mark, approximately, where that part is mentioned?

    • Ed_B

      “Two, his fast talking declaration that an asymmetric warfare tactic, such as the detonation of a device, would occur and would precipitate a financial crash.”

      So, what are we to assume a “device” is from this? Firecracker? Grenade? IED? Nuke? Could be anything. But we CAN be sure of one thing and that is that a nuke going off anywhere in the world WILL be see by spy sats, the explosion recorded, and the maker of that “device” identified. We will know exactly who built it because they are all slightly different but have very characteristic light emissions when detonated. If this happens and the narrative is that “the explosion was not seen” or “we can’t ID the maker of this device”, you will know that they are shoveling BS and that the “device” is probably one of ours.

  • Jesus Christ

    These 2 guys and many others have their truths and fantasies. I believe there is always something to learn from these two and many others with mixed messages.

  • Angel

    Koos Jansen, who has come out of nowhere to be considered today’s foremost expert on China’s gold accumulation, echos many of Rickards points, some to an absolute T.

    In fact, when asked by Craig Hemke (Turd Ferguson) in a recent interview what analyst he respects the most, he replied that it was Jim Rickards. It was a solid answer, with no having to mull it over. No others were even worthy of a mention, evidently.

    Could it be that Koos owes his new found success to Rickards? Did Rickards pull some strings?

  • Silver86

    Rickards is sort both an insider and outsider. He looks to make his money from the financial muck we’ve all been through for the past couple years, but he also cries boloney on all of it. I don’t have too much of a problem with him.

  • Rob

    Trust no one,question everything.
    Be aware,listen to the bunkers and debunkers and form a educated hypothesis.
    Then……..activate your critical thinking mind and freak them out.

  • Steve

    I’ve really enjoyed Jim Rickards, I’ve learned a lot from him. Many people interested in conspiracy researching are quite ignorant of the basic mechanics and composition of the agencies they speak about.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Scott

    Sorry guys I put my money on Rickards. I’ve read his books and I think he’s got better insight into what’s coming than anybody else. And he has no fucking “Source”….or “Voice”…..or other mystery man behind the curtain.

    • Rainmaker

      Rickards is a lawyer for bankers. His claim to fame is the 1998 bailout of LTCM and was their general counsel. He champions SDRs, another form of fiat (implementation of SDRs would delay the dollar downfall). He readily acknowledges relationships with the CIA. He makes lotsa money selling books. He probably is right about many things. But then again, there has been so much hype regarding the crash of the USD (its now part of our national consciousness) that the event is now inevitable and there is no way to save the USD (which means the crash is a planned event and the majority of Americans are so thick they do not even care)Is Rickards a prophet or a Seer? Or is he a shill? Probably both. The only thing more reproachable than being a banker or a lawyer is being a bankers lawyer.

    • matt

      Indeed Scott…and Jim Wille?? I think not…Maybe a little less of the whacky weed!

  • Velikovsky

    One only need look at LTCM which was shorting the crap out of gold (Rickards was also an investment adviser/head lawyer) to know this shill’s MO. Soon, that operation almost brought down the whole financial system. His views on Fort Knox, 9/11, SDRs paint him as an indispensable CIA asset who is tasked with twisting the truth. Other than Koos Jansen (where did he even come from?), JR (isn’t that apt?) has a credibility rating of 1on a scale of 10. JW on the other hand is pushing 10 as any intelligent/critical thinking person would observe. “By deception, thou shalt do war.” Sums up Rickards to a tee.

    • Angel

      My point exactly regarding Koos. Where DID he come from? I never thought much of it until I discovered the Rickards complement.

      • Velikovsky

        Even since Koos Jansen staunchly defended Jim Rickards on my Twitter feed, in response to a furnished link that I questioned, I’ve had to reflect and ask the same thing: where did he come from and why now? And why, like Rickards, is he so committed to this notion that China is about to participate in an IMF-backed SDR; which, if the current corrupt system isn’t enough evidence, will in turn crush whatever remains of China? It makes zero sense. And who would put up the gold component when there’s essentially no gold remaining in places like the US? Surely, this isn’t a system that requires that nations put up 5 tonnes of gold each – the same as Germany got back from the US, where Rickards says Fort Knox has all its gold. And then blatantly lied when he said that he wasn’t aware that Fort Knox had never been audited. This isn’t a question of degrees when it comes to lies; some people just make honest mistakes. This is much, much more than that. This is a little bit of truth mixed in with a lot of lies on behalf of the Jewish-owned central banks and military industrial complex.

        As Cicero said: would that I could discover truth as easily as I can uncover falsehood.

  • steelerdude

    Ever notice that either IDIOT never replies to his article on this site….I know they read it, but never rebut the comments…so In my head, they are both worthless input…

    comments welcome….

  • dan

    Ignore Dr Willie at your own peril….Richard’s is establishment..Willie is NOT….your choice….imho

  • spuds_mckinzie

    I think Richard’s job as a disinfo agent is to do two things. One is to make it seem like all of the world’s countries aren’t working together against all of us. That’s mainly what his “Currency War” thing is all about. He never talks about how the monetary systems are Ponzi schemes or anything like that.

    The second is to bring Gold and Silver advocates into the pro war/pro American foreign policy camp. Maybe because the gold and silver camp will be financially powerful in the near future 😉

    That last part might be wishful thinking on my part!

    • spuds_mckinzie

      I meant to say: One is to make it seem like all of the world’s governments aren’t working together against all of us. And that they are all in some kind of financial world war. This may be true to some extent. But it’s misdirection from the main problems of the financial systems.

  • June Shellene

    Been following Jim for years now. I took notice when Eric King abruptly stopped interviewing him. I emailed Jim about this, and he responded, saying it was because he was no longer being invited onto the show. I figure Eric was tipped off early about Jim. When I emailed Jim again about his bonus chapter to Currency Wars, and its assurances that the same people will be in charge of the new monetary system, he responded again, saying, indeed, that was not something that could be altered. Indeed, he’s sounding more and more hurried in his speech. One of the fastest talkers I’ve ever heard…so I’m grateful Jim Willie is tuning in, and doing his excellent analysis…as always. It seems the truth tellers are seldom smooth talkers who are ready for prime time…as Rickards is…and as Willie will never be, thank God!

  • Velikovsky

    A bit of research uncovers some startling facts.

    April 4, 2014 at 7:36 pm · Reply
    My problem with Jim Rickards is as follows:

    The 2007 Chinese best-selling book “Currency Wars” by Song Hongbing tells a ripping story of the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve System, the Banksters and their multiple crimes against humanity. In particular, he examines the West’s method of attacking foreign currencies to destabilize an economy and take over the country.

    Two sequels were written in 2009 “Currency Wars 2: World of Gold Privilege” and 2011 “Currency Wars 3: Financial High Frontier”, providing even more details. Reviews of all three books in the East were very positive and praised by Govt officials, while reviews in the West were all negative, with (for example) Goldman Sachs calling it “far-fetched” because “currency wars were non-existent”. I also note that no English translation of any of these books was ever made (the closest we have is French).

    On the other hand, Jim Rickards subsequent 2011 book “Currency Wars” presents a totally benign history of American monetary policy and blames America’s problems on innocent policy mistakes and poor modelling. Furthermore, he redefines a “Currency War” to be one in which the country itself deliberately depreciates its own currency to obtain a competitive trade advantage. In other words, he turns the whole concept of a “Currency War” on its head. Needless to say, his book received rave reviews in the West but was dismissed in the East as a “total cover-up”.

    Amongst many other things, I question the purpose of rewriting the book “Currency Wars” and totally changing its meaning. On the surface it appears that Jim Rickards is trying to spin “murder” – by currency war – as “suicide”. He also suggests that to gain competitive advantage, countries (like Japan) should depreciate their currencies and maintain a strong USD, which (of course) is official US Govt policy. In which case, I think that Jim’s book can be dismissed as US Govt propaganda.

    • Angel

      Of course, Velikovsky, the shills always present things as a “mistake”, or as “misguided policy”. Never do we hear that it’s CRIMINAL or that it was intentionally designed for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. And we certainly don’t ever hear that is was for the explicit purpose of destroying the nation.

      This is what the shills do, this is THEIR JOB. They are propagandists and fairy tale writers, who, more often than not, learn their trade from their years serving the intelligence cabal. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, slimy little devils who know just what to say to appeal to well-meaning but naive and unsuspecting people.

      After all, who, but the most hardened among us, has the fortitude to admit that “our” government has been nothing less than a diabolical organized crime syndicate for a very long time, maybe even as long as it’s been in existence?

      Mustn’t burst those bubbles after all, so let’s just keep right on romanticizing that Rickards and company are sincere in pointing out “where the policy makers went wrong.”

      “Forget those rabble rousers who rock the boat. Play it safe with Rickards!”

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