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Meat Prices Soar While Deer Populations Explode

from Survival Blog:

This headline could sum up a multitude of news reports over the last few years. Droughts and severe winters have left the United States beef herd size at a 63-year low. In response, beef prices have increased steadily with hamburger topping $4 a pound this year. Pork prices have jumped due to porcine epidemic diarrhea that has killed millions of baby pigs. Inflation, a growing human population, and a higher demand for meat in emerging economies also contribute to ever-increasing meat prices. Ironically, America’s deer herd has exploded in the last 30 years. The deer population in North America when the Europeans arrived has been estimated to have been over 50 million. With uncontrolled hunting, by 1900, they had been reduced to less than ½ million. Since being protected and reintroduced in many places, the deer population has rebounded to become a major overpopulation problem that exceeds what the land can bear. Presently, there are one or more species found across the continental U.S., southern Canada, Alaska, and northern Mexico, and the deer herd is estimated to now be higher than ever before. By some estimates the deer population can more than double in one year. There are more than a million vehicle/deer collisions each year with over 100 human deaths and a billion dollars in repair costs. Damage to gardens, landscaping, and agriculture and permanent damage to woodlands and prairies cost Americans millions more.

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1 comment to Meat Prices Soar While Deer Populations Explode

  • Ed_B

    All of these problems can be resolved via putting some deer meat into the freezer. Not only is this a public safety service, it is delicious. 🙂

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