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Keiser Report: Meeting of Megaminds [Guests: Russell Brand & Alec Baldwin]

from RT:

E665: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert host a two part interview with award-winning film and television actor, Alec Baldwin, and comedian, actor, author and host of the Trews, Russell Brand, about revolution, the media, ultra low interest rates, cobblers and their little helpers. They also discuss whether or not Sean Hannity has the talent to be a ‘terrorist’ and Russell Brand gives his opinion on the role of Fox News.

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4 comments to Keiser Report: Meeting of Megaminds [Guests: Russell Brand & Alec Baldwin]

  • Rainmaker

    Democracy, communism and socialism have been used in different contexts to refer to a range of different political forms. In general, democracy refers to a political system in which the people rule. Socialism and communism both refer to an economic system in which the means of production are publicly rather than privately owned. Many socialists and communists argue that public ownership of the means of production is a way of deepening or expanding democracy, since it extends the rule of the people to the realm of economic production.

  • anonymous

    If you believe Brand has folks best interests a heart you have problems, heres a hint ask Jemima Khan.

  • TheVirginian

    Stacy has it right. Alec and Russell need to see Bill Still’s documentaries.

  • Ed_B

    Alec and Russell… two of the best reasons why abortion should be allowed. What a collective brain(less) trust.

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