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Into the Crevasse: The Case for Deflation

by Jason Simpkins, Outsider Club:

The way mainstream analysts talk about deflation, you’d think it’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen.

Well, I’ll tell you something: I’m not buying it.

Right now, I’m rooting for deflation.

I think it’s something we ought to embrace.

And I’ll tell you why…


The typical argument against deflation is as follows:

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3 comments to Into the Crevasse: The Case for Deflation

  • Ed_B

    Good point. Deflation is NOT the worst thing that can happen. Like inflation, deflation is a description of a change in monetary value. Inflation means that the value of money is shrinking while deflation means that the value of money is increasing. Leave it to the banksters to state something so simple in such a bass-ackward fashion so as to obfuscate the issue. Because of this, the money that we have goes further when deflation occurs and less far when inflation occurs.

    But the banksters don’t like deflation and will pull all manner of tricks to ensure that only inflation occurs. They will do this because inflation robs all of us of the value of the money that we have worked so hard to earn while deflation gives back to us that which they have stolen… and we simply can’t have that, now, can we?

  • aa

    You got that right ed-b. Anything and everything that benefits us like deflation with increased purchasing power is anathema to banker interests.

  • spore

    Deflation good for the people….bad for the banks.
    Im looking forward to cheap gas and food again.

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