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How The Simpsons predicted US Ebola outbreak in 1997: Episode shows Marge offering a sick Bart children’s book ‘Curious George and the Ebola Virus’

Episode called ‘Lisa’s Sax’ first aired on October 19, 1997

from Daily Mail:

The Simpsons has been at the cutting edge of popular culture for a quarter of a century – but do Springfield’s most famous residents have the ability to predict the future? According to Internet “conspiracy theorists”, the simple answer is yes.

They claim the world famous TV series predicted the Ebola crisis back in a 1997 episode in which Marge tries to coax a sick Bart out of bed, as proof. She suggests he reads a book before producing one entitled ‘Curious George and the Ebola Virus’.

She then asks if he would like ‘to color something’, to which he replies: ‘I already did’, and points to an apocalyptic drawing of a dead Bart surrounded by blood and bodies with the sun and clouds appearing to cry.

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