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Here Comes The Physical Buying!

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

The headline of today’s UK telegraph is “mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt.”  Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal’s Federal Reserve mouthpiece, Jon Hilsenrath – who comically, can’t even interpret what he’s told – writes, we kid you not, that Ben Bernanke should be nominated for the Nobel Prize!  And not even for his (lack of) accomplishments as Fed Chairman, but because…

His research in the 1980s on the Great Depression proved to be a useful roadmap for how links between the financial system and the economy break down in a crisis., October 1, 2014

Frankly, even we’re speechless; and equally so, listening to Alan Greenspan’s attempt to erase his legacy by re-introducing the staunch anti-fiat currency stance he held when he wrote “Gold and Economic Freedom” in 1966.

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2 comments to Here Comes The Physical Buying!

  • Anon

    Isn’t it incredible, the EXTENT of the LIES, and pure DECEPTION that is used (such as in the form of ever-increasing government controls, like the “Fed”, the IRS Tax Code, etc.) that the obscenely-rich use to economically enslave the masses? Look at the sheer number of pundits out there, attempting to navigate their way through the complexity of the LIES. And yet, the simple truth evades the majority: that only gold and silver were, for THOUSANDS of years, recognized, considered, and used as, REAL MONEY. NOT PAPER WITH INK ON IT! Well, at least the endless lies and deception gives a certain group of people something to write and talk about, so they don’t have to get REAL JOBS! (Look, I think SGT is doing a GREAT service by providing this platform, for people to increase their awareness, educate themselves, etc., and protect themselves from the financial deceptions plague-ing us all – and, I don’t have ANYTHING against Andy Hoffman, or Miles Franklin. What I am simply saying is this: THE SHEER EXTENT OF THE DECEPTION IS SO VAST, that people can actually spend their entire lives talking about it in interviews and podcasts, writing about it, in newsletters and on blogs, and attempting to decipher it, for themselves and their subscribers! What INSANITY! Buy silver – it’s the single most under-valued commodity in existence, at the moment. Buy gold – it’s always been considered real money by the so-called “elites” despite their creation and use of the fiat currency system to economically enslave the masses, globally. Both will NO DOUBT rise significantly in value, at some future date, judging from every single variable and indicator that you will ever look at.

  • Gnostic


    Not sure of your position? I agree that many make fiat providing a platform, I never subscribe to any one, Originally I was a pro G/S standard but now I have learned that is not the answer either. Rothschild & the likes have funded both Keynesian & Austrian Schools, The Elites own the mines & stockpiles & can create false scarcity. Remember, the Great Depression happened during a Gold Standard.

    USURY must be abolished.

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