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Hazmat suit manufacturer has received orders for 1 million protective suits due to Ebola

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The hazmat suit manufacturing business, normally predictably mundane, has taken off in recent weeks, thanks to the worsening Ebola crisis, but the number of suits ordered from one company certainly makes one pause and ask: “Just what aren’t we being told yet about the spread of this deadly disease?”

According to a company press release in September, Lakeland Industries, Inc., announced that it had received a major order for its suits — for well into the foreseeable future, as a direct result of the outbreak:

In anticipation of the worsening of the Ebola crisis, on September 12 the Company announced its intent to increase manufacturing capacity for specialty protective suits to be worn by healthcare workers and others being exposed to Ebola. The Company has been experiencing significant interest globally for its ChemMAXRR and MicroMAXRR protective suit lines.

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1 comment to Hazmat suit manufacturer has received orders for 1 million protective suits due to Ebola

  • Ed_B

    Articles like this always make me wonder whether or not suits like these have been tested to see if they can stop viruses from infecting the person wearing them. Obviously, such suits can stop large contamination from touching the person wearing them but what about VERY tiny things? Seems to me that a number of health care workers in Africa have been infected in spite of wearing such protective garb. They probably do help protect the people wearing them but just how good is that protection? THAT is the question.

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