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Harvey Organ Updates His Readers- Will Continue Posting on SilverDoctors

from Silver Doctors:

As many of you know, my website was pulled Friday afternoon and I could not post.
Here is a copy of the email that I received:

Hello,We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a court order regarding your blog
In accordance with the terms of the court order, we have removed content previously located at: copy of the court order we received is attached.  Thank you for your understanding.Terms of Service:
Content Policy: Google Team

I have sent 5 emails to google for the copy of the court order to no avail.

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6 comments to Harvey Organ Updates His Readers- Will Continue Posting on SilverDoctors

  • WillyT

    Harvey, you are obviously on to something TPTB do not like. Keep up the great work and thanks SGT for making his work available to your readers!!

  • Angel

    Good to see that Silver Doctors has come to Harvey’s aid. Of course, this now puts them in the line of fire, but what’s that BF quote? Oh, ya:

    “We must hang together, gentlemen, or we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

    — Benjamin Franklin

  • NIX


  • The Watchman tips his helmet to Harvey for all his hard work, and to the Doc, for giving his crucial, ongoing analysis a place to hunker down.

    Here’s to better things soon, with hopefully a new site all his own, outside the reach of these crooks.


  • Scott

    Please -powers that be – continue to smash the price of silver down and continue to allow me to trade in more of your worthless tp for hard money. I m not quite done , so please go as cheap as you can . Much appreciated

  • chris

    Just went to WHOIS.COM to see if Harvey might have secured his own dotcom. what I found was a Russian female registered the name just over two years ago. The name was last ‘updated’ on October 10th this year and does not expire until 2014. Russian opportunism? I hope she’s just keeping it warm for him, but it’s cold in Russia, comrades. The dot net is available. The other option spruiked was, Sounds a bit too musical, eh?

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