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U.S. Food Stamp Enrollments Top 46 MILLION for 35 Months in a Row

by Wynton Hall, Breitbart:

The government’s newly released food stamp enrollment figures reveal that the number of individuals in America on food stamps has topped 46 million for 35 consecutive months.

According to the Department of Agriculture, the number of individuals in July (the most recent month figures are available) who received food stamps was 46,486,434. The last time food stamp enrollments fell below 46 million was July 2011.

The new food stamp figures come on the heels of comments last week by President Barack Obama touting the revival of the American economy under his leadership.

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2 comments to U.S. Food Stamp Enrollments Top 46 MILLION for 35 Months in a Row

  • Ed_B

    Just think how much more manageable the citizens will be when the government controls every facet of their lives. If they object, we simply cut off their food, medical, and any other benefit they are getting. That’ll keep ’em in line. Next thing they know, we’ll get rid of those pesky elections too. No need to clutter their minds with all that extra voting nonsense. 🙁

  • Rodster

    If the government were not handing out food stamps you’d see soup lines instead like in the great depression.They can hide that with food stamps. It makes things look more stable than they really are.

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