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First Gold, Then Silver And Now…Platinum Manipulation Says Expert

from KitcoNews:

Gold Cartel author Dimitri Speck is back on Kitco News to share his latest manipulation findings in the precious metals markets. According to Speck, there are price discrepancies in the platinum market during the time of the morning and afternoon fixes. “In my opinion, the core problem with the precious metals manipulation is not only the fixing but the manipulation of the futures markets itself,” he says. “And this will not stop through the changing of the fixing rule.” Speck analysed the afternoon fix specifically and says there is a typical downward move in prices. “This is, of course, an anomaly that should not happen.” He adds that these statistical anomalies are common in gold and silver, and he has yet to find an explanation other than manipulation for such discrepancies. “My strong opinion is [manipulation] comes through the futures markets, and not exactly through the fixing despite [the fact that] it can be statistically proven in the fixing period.”

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