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Fire, Water…and the “4 G’s”

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I have thought about writing this type of piece many times before but have only touched on the subject several times. I had decided in the past not to venture forth because I was afraid that what I wrote might be perceived incorrectly and turn readers off to my main message of protecting themselves financially. What I am about to write assumes we will have at least a short period of time where life goes back if not 150 years, but maybe to “caveman days.”

Before really getting started, ask yourself if you believe it is even possible for an event, or events (plural) could possibly send us back in time where one must be self-sufficient just to sustain life? Is it possible for the global fiat money system to collapse? Is it possible to have a widespread banking and financial system closure? Is it possible for a war, any war to pass the Rubicon and go nuclear? Is it possible for some type of pandemic (Ebola?) to become widespread which shuts the system down and people to within their homes? Is any of it even possible? In my opinion any or all scenarios are possible, the fiat money and financial system breakdowns are even highly probable in my opinion. If you don’t believe this then what follows is a waste of your time …until maybe it’s not?

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