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FEDS Retaliate Against The Bundy Ranch And Southern Nevada

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Remember the Bundy Ranch ordeal from back in April-2014?

As promised from Harry Reid who warned that this is not over, and that “something will happen”, well it appears that it is happening.

The federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people with an official notice recently released by the Federal Registry, declaring that nearly 3 million acres of land in southern Nevada will be declared “ACEC” (read below) and placed off limits to nearly all human activity…

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4 comments to FEDS Retaliate Against The Bundy Ranch And Southern Nevada

  • rico

    Isn’t it nice how the FEDS simply create something out of thin air to “get what they want?” What a bunch of do nothing, land grabbing BASTARDS. They don’t own the land and hopefully another round of standing up to the POS’s who think they are in charge will occur to elucidate that Americans are no longer kidding around. Harry Reid should be impeached and removed from office IMMEDIATELY!

    • Ed_B

      Agreed… and shortly after that, he should stand trial for treason, dereliction of duty, and any other crimes that can be ferreted out. They are likely to be many and serious.

      The western states MUST band together and assert their ownership over the so-called federal land in their states. The US Constitution only allows the Fed Gov to own 10 square miles in DC, the land upon which federal buildings and military bases sit, and the US National Parks. That’s all. This nonsense where they “own” 50-80% of the land in the western states is complete BS. It needs to end and sooner rather than later. None of the eastern states have this problem, so why it is only inflicted upon us westerners?

  • Trip Wire

    When is enough, actually enough? I ask myself everyday. Yet another day, another tyrannical text book move. A day will come for all of us to make a choice. We have seen that when challenged in numbers they retreat. The FED mercenaries have families,.. they want to return home. Is it worth it to them??? Is it a sweet deal for them??? Or just a job?

    They will bring far more superior numbers this time hoping to foil the possible replay button. How many will walk the talk??? I wonder. I myself may make it a point to be there this time. Lets hope alternative media keeps us posted. This isn’t about turtles,…it’s about offering China a bribe to keep playing the game and making Harry Reid and cronies more wealth. What a scum bag maggot lunch meat sandwhich.

    Folks in the West, I’m in the East. I know personally that the East did offer service during the last Bundy stand. You aren’t alone. We see what’s going on.

    82nd Airborne Infantry
    Oath Keeper

    • AgShaman

      I met a bunch of good cats from back east that were there at the Ranch….so I appreciate your sentiments and am glad to see people like you are out there.

      I see Posse Comitatus. Don’t bring fed mercs to point guns at people…it shows intent to do harm (how could it not?)

      The BLM is defunct in my book. They “farmed out” their dirty work to the SS.

      States….and servants within the state, are charged with protecting their people…that should include fed thuggery.

      Don’t get “punked” by these cowards….if you value your lifeforce, be willing to lay it on. There is support out there for this movement. People are already tired of the thuggery from the beast

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