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ECB Planning a Corporate QE?

from Dan Norcini:

The wire services are reporting this morning that the European Central Bank is considering a plan to purchase corporate debt as part of a response to the Eurozone’s sluggish growth. That has pushed the Euro sharply lower and the Dollar higher by consequence but commodity buying is being seen regardless.

Copper, silver and gold are all higher and even crude oil has firmed. Equities of course love that news. Even the grains are moving higher.

More volatility, more uncertainty and more factors for traders/investors to now digest.

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1 comment to ECB Planning a Corporate QE?

  • mac

    The ECB reps have denied 2 times, both yesterday and today, that they will buy Corporate Debt. Twice this has been denied, eh Dan.

    Just like the US Fed stooge was dragged out last Thurs with markets down big to say “MAYBE” we (the Fed) will extend QE. A big LIE!
    But the PPT starts buying and presto, markets up and then Bloomberg screams all day and night that QE is coming! Bloomberg is evil. What a crok. There will be NO QE in the USA. !
    So Dan, markets are zooming up on – LIES! Central Banks wanna be the Stock market? That is communism, eh what?

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