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EBOLA TO OBAMA: Nina Pham Ebola Hoax? Looks Like It.

[Ed. Note: Look friends, here’s the bottom line. You can no longer trust a single thing coming out of the federal government. WHY? Because The U.S. Has REPEALED the DOMESTIC Propaganda Ban & Now Spreads Government-Made “News” (Psyops) to Americans]

from Red Pill Revolution:

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5 comments to EBOLA TO OBAMA: Nina Pham Ebola Hoax? Looks Like It.

  • Jeff

    Appreciate you covering RPR SGT. He’s been all over this bogus story from the get go. The scumbag Czar himself said it in plain view for all to see and hear: It’s all about population control via the vaccine. Hopefully this community sees it for what it is.

  • Angel

    Some of us here have questioned the legitimacy of this nurse from the get go. As well as the other nurse. And the supposed death of Duncan. Not to mention the doctor in NYC. And the NBC reporter. And the…

  • Rob

    The false flags and countless psy=ops appear to all be directed by a two year old.
    So easy to read and lift the flimsy veil to see what is really going on.
    Bullshit is being flung from every direction of the planet.

  • Sayldog

    Speculation and conjecture abounds. I’m not convinced. Sarcasm and name calling doesn’t prove anything. I guess I’m just stupid because that’s what Red Eyes says. Now all I need is for some putz to tell me to wake up!

  • Angel

    Why isn’t Mike Adams reporting on this? Nope, the “Health Ranger” is too busy propping up the false narrative.

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