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Ebola Pandemic Hits Germany, Turkey, And Australia As Infected Spanish Nurse Went Un-Quarantined For A Week

from ZeroHedge:

Despite the still confident exclamations from officials that the Ebola pandemic is ‘contained’, more and more nations are admitting to Ebola-symptomatic cases or bringing infected patients back from Africa for treatment. Australia has its first potential case of the deadly disease, as Bloomberg reports a nurse who returned from volunteering in Africa has developed Ebola-like symptoms. Despite claims that Nigeria’s outbreak is over, a Turkish worker there has been hospitalized in Istanbul after signs of high fever and diarrhea. Health officials from Germany confirm a 3rd Ebola patient has arrived in the country – having contracted the disease in Liberia. And finally, just as in the sad case of Thomas Duncan in Dallas, The Guardian reports the infected Spanish nurse went untreated and unquarantined for a week despite reporting symptoms at least three times to hospital officials. It seems the world is ill-prepared for this…

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6 comments to Ebola Pandemic Hits Germany, Turkey, And Australia As Infected Spanish Nurse Went Un-Quarantined For A Week

  • jeff

    Why is it that everybody here knows that all the markets are completely fraudulent, all the govt numbers are completely fraudulent, all the official stories about 911 and the war on terror are lies, Boston was a lie, Sandy Hook was a lie, OK City was false flag, etc, vaccines are BS, GMO’s are BS, Cancer, AIDS, etc, etc, ad infinitum—but they say the word ebola and everybody loses their freaking mind and are blind to what’s really going on?

    • brybo

      “everybody here knows”
      “everybody loses their freaking mind”

      How do you know that is the case, I’m not experiencing such things.

    • Angel

      Jeff, “everyone” also knows all too well what “their” government is capable of in so far as the unleashing of some type of bio-weapon false flag. How is this any different than believing (knowing!) they were behind OKC, WTC (both times) and the Pentagon, Boston, Sandy Hook…?

      We should know better than to simply ignore the possibility of a bio-terrorism event (sponsored by the usual cast of characters). I’m not saying that YOU haven’t entertained this possibility, but only that I would like to see more attention from the alt-media placed on this aspect of the issue, as well as entertaining the possibility that the inevitable “life-saving” vaccine TPTB end up rolling out to the masses may actually end up being what does them in.

      But I agree, the fear-mongering serves its usual purposes. And one way to push the vaccine agenda is to whip up fear through exploiting cases of people who are ill or who have died.

      Furthermore, there’s still only one person that has died in the US, allegedly from Ebola, and there’s no indication at this point that there is a mass pandemic in the making. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be SOMETHING that comes about, as I believe this is the most logical false flag event they could unleash, whether it be Ebola or something CALLED Ebola.

      • jeff

        Hi Angel. I have no doubt that they’re capable of pulling a bio false flag. My point is that it is pretty evident that this current event is a complete hoax. NOBODY has actually had the ebola virus isolated from them in any story I have seen. Authoretards have only claimed that PCR tests have been positive which is what liars would use to say the virus was found. The news video has been pretty ridiculous – see this:
        That video is PURE FRAUD.

        I don’t know why they are doing it but I would guess it is to gauge our reaction and use that info for the the real thing, or prep us for vaccines/miracle drugs, or whatever. Their game is problem/reaction/solution. I would like to see our side react with a big ‘FU you creepy bastards, we are on to you” instead of “oh my god, there is an outbreak in … ” or “something needs to be done”.

        As far as I can tell, an awful lot of people are falling for the hoax.

        • Angel

          No Jeff, we have not seen any specifics. We are being told to go on their word. I heard bits and pieces of Steve Quayle this morning on Coast to Coast, and regardless of what one may think of him, he made a good point. He said he would like to see an INDEPENDENT board review claims of Ebola infection and death, completely separate from TPTB. Of course, that is unlikely to happen. They got this thing wrapped up and control the narrative to their liking.

          Where you and I may differ is that I DO believe that people in Africa have died of SOMETHING in numbers that are greater than normal, but even that appears to have subsided considerably of late according to people who actually live there, even in areas that we are being told are highly infectious.

          There’s some who believe that an experimental vaccination program is what led to these deaths, but once it was discontinued, the deaths began to subside. So again, it brings this back to the vaccines, perhaps acting as some sort of bio-weapon that brings on illness and death (that they call Ebola).

          Yes, this is only my guess, I don’t know, I’m not qualified in that area to know. And my view is subject to change as we learn more about this, though it’s been pretty consistent for months.

          This Ebola scare just seems a little TOO convenient for my liking, which is why the red flags go up. But this is also the very thing that leads me to believe that they are up to something. or more likely, multiple things, which doesn’t exactly put me at ease. But it certainly isn’t causing me to panic either, anymore than any of their other shenanigans do. It’s old hat by now!

          Anyway, I can understand your frustration with this.

  • Bob A

    Yep. A big hoax is being foisted on us. To scare and distract. Unbelieveable how even some in our community are scared by this Bullsh*t and can’t see thru the propaganda of fear.

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