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Ebola Circus Continues, Fed Ends QE, Obama Care Cost Update

from USA Watchdog:

The Ebola circus continues, and the Obama Administration officials look like clowns.

Let’s just take a look at a few of the headlines. “Health System Not Prepared for Ebola” is a headline from the AP, and that is in stark contrast to what we have been told. “Small clusters could overwhelm the system” is what the article says. So, this begs the question of why no quarantine? Some governors in places like New Jersey, New York and Illinois think quarantine is the way to go. It is scientific technique on how to contain infectious disease, but that is not what the Obama Administration thinks. Some in the MSM think the same thing. This opinion piece says the decision by these governors is “hasty” and “adds to the Ebola problem.” Really? Well, that is not what the Pentagon thinks because it is “isolating troops back from Africa for 21 days.” Some of the talking points are downright bogus. They say things like we should treat these returning health care workers like “conquering heroes.” Who is going to think these folks are “heroes” if they come back and infect people? Africa’s best chance of beating this is if America stays strong and uninfected. If America is consumed by Ebola, or even the fear of Ebola, West Africa hasn’t got a chance.

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