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Dr. Sircus: The Ebola Agenda, Natural Medicine & How to Maintain Your Health

from Paul Sandhu:

Dr. Sircus, a prolific author and researcher joins me to discuss the alleged Ebola outbreak and how to take charge of your own health so that you are not susceptible to common diseases such as cancer and kidney disease, or to infectious outbreaks such as Ebola or even to the seasonal flu.

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  • rich

    Moms, Regulators, Biotech Startups, and the Battle Over a Potentially Life-Saving Drug

    Aidan has Duchenne, the deadliest strain of muscular dystrophy. It’s inherited maternally on the X chromosome and mostly afflicts boys. Parents typically sense something is wrong when their sons at 3 or 4 don’t run around or they start falling for no obvious reason. Beginning in the legs, Duchenne destroys muscle, which is replaced by fat and scar tissue. Victims lose the ability to walk by adolescence. Eventually the disease causes cardiac and/or respiratory complications that lead to death by the mid-20s. One in 3,500 newborns has Duchenne, which translates to around 15,000 cases in the U.S. There’s no cure.
    “Aidan doesn’t really understand yet,” his mother, Mindy, says, “but it’s basically a slow-motion death sentence.”
    There’s reason to hope—not for a miracle, but for a reprieve.
    “Why doesn’t the government let me have eteplirsen?” Austin asks when we meet. He waits for an answer, which I don’t have. His mother joins the conversation: “The FDA’s inaction,” she says, “is killing my son.”

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