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DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER

by Green Power Farm, via The Victory Report:

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2 comments to DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER

  • CashAin't King NoMo

    The Harborfreight system, 45 watts, is way over priced.
    Check online (such as and you can buy panels for less than $1 per watt.
    GOOD charge controllers on Ebay for as little as $35 for a controller that can handle up to about 400 watts of panels.

    A system big enough to run my entire house ALL year long,, can be put together for less than $20k,, perhaps as low as $15k. (OFF grid) I’m actually doing this,, all I need to do is to get on the roof and start installing all my parts. I’ve got sixteen new 6v golf cart batteries to give me about 10kw-hrs of useable power @ 50% DOD. (depth of discharge).
    My panels (about 5.5kw). I don’t want to sell any power(NET metering) back to the power company because they buy it @ 4 cents but SELL it to ME @ 12c (and they charge $25 every month just to keep the meter hooked up. So I don’t want to pay their monthly service fees ($300 per year).
    Got my 230A-hr golf cart batteries @ O’Reily auto parts for $120 each NEW. ($24 core charge is extra). This is FAR better deal than the T105’s @$175 + core.
    My system will pay for itself in less than 15 years, but the METER power would NEVER pay for itself.

  • Rob

    Way to go cash.
    About the same case here.I applaud the solar effort by the person being filmed
    however he should not be venting hot dryer exhaust onto his battery.

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