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“I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans to report…not exactly the truth.”

from RT, via Before Its News:

A top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions.  He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally FAKE!

He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything!  He talked about how the CIA gets control over all of the major journalists.  He is sick of the lying and decided to go public with everything he knows.  He’s already had 3 heart attacks and decided he didn’t care anymore about what they would do to him!  He’s a real hero in my book!

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18 comments to SHOCKING — German Reporter’s Confession: MAINSTREAM “NEWS” IS CIA MOCKINGBIRD PROPAGANDA!

  • Mark

    Thanks for sharing this, hopefully it will go viral and continue to wake up the sheeple.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    You sir are a two bit paid money whore … folks with intelligence already know the diarrhea that spewed from this punks mouth. You are no journalist, you have no dignity, haven’t for for 25 years.

    • boogoo

      Judge , jury and executioner! Please do post links to your dignified journalist works that display your level of truth telling and Integrity. You obviously have a track record of such works to make such an attack I’m sure!

      • Hondo Stalwart

        Jason Mattera, as one example of a ‘real’ journalist.

        • boogoo

          yes I have seen it..but I was asking you, who has the pointy finger what you have done…This guy has realized he was ignorant and now admits it and wishes to bring it to light…You have to come up with some credible evidence that you can do as good or better before bashing someone…Please do go out with your camera and start reporting like Jason…And do me a favour and start with Cheney, Bernanke or Mr that would be a great bit of journalism to expose them!

  • Grable

    …is the media, basically all MSM – main stream media- jew-osh owned ?

  • Sam

    8-0 Shocking….Not! However, it is encouraging to see more whistle blowers coming forward for the sake of mankind!

    Can the tide be turned? Doubt it but, perhaps the big one designed and planned for might be lessened…

  • jeff

    Yeah, including EBOLA.

  • Hugo

    I highly recommend everyone to listen to this interview since it is super. I would also like to ask the sgtreport team to interview this whistleblower.

    It is known that old and / or people who know they probably will die soon try to come clean / in peace with themselfs fot the bad things they did in the past by telling the truth. He claims to have had 3 heart attacks and does not care anymore.

    If you manage to interview him, please ask about non Western journalism (quite) a bit please. In this interview I heard some interesting things between the lines about that (smile). In short, hinting at same control, different means.

    Never forget, the info wars on all facets of human life are still getting stronger…. Be sceptical, do your own research and dont be afraid to disagree with the herd (smile)


  • Beligerant

    Being a journalists in a foreign country just got a lot more dangerous!

    Also, we can only image how many of the gold and silver hit pieces are being published like this where the financial author is told what to print or given a completed article to publish under their name. Interesting, very interesting!

  • long john silver

    Everything is Fake, including all the lies in Medicine.. We’ve been conditioned to believe whatever we’re told.

    I highly recommend this one.

    Healing Cancer from Inside out.

  • josh

    Well, he got it half right. The Alternative Media is fake too. I mean, just how long has Andy Hoffman been saying that “THE COLLAPSE” is just around the corner??? More paranoia to sell more stuff…

    • J

      Most of the AM is a creation managed by the same people that Udo mentions… created as a safety net to catch those who give up on the mainstream media. Like the old “The truth is out there…” saying from the X Files: it’s out there but it is very difficult to discern.

    • Ed_B

      That’s right, Josh. We can all count on the US Gov and Fed to do what is right and in our best interests, right? NOT!

      As to Andy Hoffman, he is a man who “eats his own cooking”, having ALL of his personal wealth in gold and silver bullion. If one is committed to stacking and getting out of the fiat paper Ponzi scheme, why wouldn’t they be attracted to an employer who can facilitate that?

      Finally, no one holds a gun to our head to force us to buy gold or silver. We can make that choice on our own, based on what we know about the world we live in and its economic and financial condition. Is the USA or any Western government about to suddenly find religion in their spending habits? Are they going to start paying down the HUGE debts they owe? Is the US dollar really strong or is it just stronger than other crap fiat currencies? Are they going to stop printing so damn much paper money any time soon? Answer those questions for yourself, truthfully, and you will know what to do.

      If not, then tough noogie for you when the economy collapses, which it will. Who actually believes that an unsustainable and unstable economy that relies on consumer spending for 70% of its business strength is viable? I sure don’t because I know that it is production and not consumption that builds an economy. Further, it is saving the difference between our production and its costs that allow us to build a future for ourselves and our families. These days, the Fed has absolutely decimated the desire for most Americans to save any money. We don’t get paid to save anymore, as we used to do. Interest rates are at rock bottom. This favors those who borrow and spend at the expense of those who produce and save. This is NOT a formula for success and the past several years have shown this to be the case.

      Japan follows this idiotic Keynesian economic model and has been mired in a deep recession or depression for the past 23 years. If Keynesian economics was workable, one would think that it would have worked by now… and it hasn’t. In spite of this all Western countries continue to follow this broken economic model. Those of us who buy gold and silver recognize that all is not right with the world and are doing what we can to protect whatever wealth we have. Yes, this is a long-term endeavor that takes decades to come to fruition, so don’t worry about the short-term price fluctuations of these metals. These are not trades to bounce into and back out of to collect a little extra fiat. They are a way to protect what we have from inflation, currency devaluation, and even currency collapse. While these may be disasters of low probability, so is having a car wreck. In spite of this, all of us who own and drive cars have auto insurance. Gold and silver are financial insurance against an improbable but devastating financial occurrence.

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