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CHINESE GOLD DEMAND: Twice As Much As Official Reported Figures

from SRS Rocco:

For some strange reason, the Western official gold demand figures for China are WAY OFF. According to a recent article by Koos Jansen at, the Chinese Gold Association reported much higher gold demand than the figures published by the World Gold Council.

In the article, China Gold Association: 2013 Gold Demand Was 2,199t, wholesale gold demand in China was 2,199 metric tons (mt) in 2013 compared to the 1,066 mt reported by the World Gold Council.

This is not a small disparity in reported gold demand by these two organizations, but a huge 1,133 mt difference. Surprisingly, the difference between the two is actually greater than total Chinese gold demand stated by the World Gold Council.

Koos Jansen explains this in the article by writing the following:

As you can read below in the translation from a Chinese press release about the China Gold Yearbook 2014, the CGA states Chinese wholesale gold demand in 2013 was 2,199 tonnes; bullion import 1507 tonnes, doré import from overseas mines 17 tonnes and domestically mined gold accounted for 428 tonnes. (scrap supply must have been 247 tonnes)

…The information the CGA publishes in English about Chinese non-government gold demand, 1,176 tonnes in 2013, severely understates true non-government gold demand, 2,199 tonnes in 2013, which is only disclosed by the CGA in the China Gold Yearbook 2014 exclusively published in Mandarin hard copies.

Chinese Gold Yearbook 2014

(courtesy of

All Western institutions and press that attended the China Gold Congress have Chinese employees who can perfectly read the China Gold Yearbook 2014. Like I said, why these institutions don’t publish true non-government Chinese gold demand is “a mystery”. I can tell you this though, 99.99 % of the global financial industry uses the Chinese demand numbers from the WGC, which state 2013 demand was 1066 tonnes. From an investment point of view this can give you an advantage.

So, what Koos is saying here is that the Chinese who can read their own 2014 Gold Yearbook know that the ACTUAL DEMAND was 2,199 mt compared to the stated 1,066 mt by the World Gold Council.  It seems as if the Chinese rather the West advertise Chinese gold demand is much lower than it actually is.

Looks like they don’t want to spoke the markets.  This allows the Chinese to purchase more gold with soon to be worthless U.S. Fiat Dollars before its value collapses.

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7 comments to CHINESE GOLD DEMAND: Twice As Much As Official Reported Figures

  • long john silver

    We’ve reached a point of not knowing who to trust, yes all the numbers put out by the government are bogus, and how do we know the numbers coming out of the US Mint are not doctored, to create hype? How do we know the miners are not producing more silver than reported, to give us the illusion of scarcity? We hear only what we want to hear. With all the buying of Metals around the World, would we not have run out? My local dealer has plenty of inventory.. I will make another purchase on Saturday, I bought from 20 to 45 and back down to 19, why stop now?

    • Eric

      same here john… started when silver was 16.92. bought all the way up at 42, and even at 48. i don’t give a poop about price. only value! It was undervalued at $48. It’s undervalued at $16 and it will be undervalued until the day I die no matter what price they put it at.

      If anyone thinks silver is only worth $16-$17 per ounce with the Fed’s balance sheet exploding more than 5 times bigger than it was 6 years ago, then you should have your head examined.

      ooooo this just in…Treasury Department auctions $29 billion in 7 year notes at a whopping high yield of 2.018%

      you can give away your power for nothing in return, or you have keep your money safe for when you need it.

      • long john silver

        I picked up a tube of 10inch diameter PVC pipe, and cut it into 16 inch lengths, capped both sides, one side screws on, but it is glued, glued a metallic handle strap, I put in those pouches for moisture . I’ve buried them 4 feet deep all over the place out in the country. I’m going to be going out to the Country real soon to bury another one.. I know the owners of the land, all forest, the ground is covered in leaves.. It will stay there until I need it, or to buys me something of value, that is currently over priced.. At these prices I will add yet again.. And I have to beat jack frost..

      • lastmanstanding

        I picked up 142 mercury dimes today for $200…and 2 Idaho Sunshine rounds for another $40.

        Walked out the door with them. My local dealer, a good friend said that he doesn’t give a fuck about spot right now…the premium, is his premium. As a small biz owner, I know right where he is coming from. His inventory is taking a beating and replenishment is weeks away…for now.

        I told him this was coming…all of his informed customers have been filling him in on what is now going on…he is not naïve by any means, he has seen trends come and go.

        It is the end of the game. You either believe in real things or you don’t.

        Hold real things…and…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  • 1133 mt….wrong….huh classic illuminati mirror…11 and 33….read between the lines..GOLD is their money and worthless paper is yours and mine.

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