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China Acquired 2000 Tonnes of Gold In 2013, Almost Double World Gold Council Estimates

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

Dornbusch’s Law: The crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.

Dr. Rudi Dornbusch

The lack of intelligent coverage by the media for this sea change in global asset allocations is remarkable.

Koos Jansen has been doing some terrific work in this area.

I have some suspicions about where the gold bullion that is leaving the Western funds and ETFs is going.

Gold is moving steadily from West to East. When the reckoning comes, it may be terrific.

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3 comments to China Acquired 2000 Tonnes of Gold In 2013, Almost Double World Gold Council Estimates

  • DDearborn


    The “world gold council” knew exactly how much China was purchasing. There job has been since 2011 in conjunction with other insiders has been to drive the price of gold down. What isn’t being said here is that just one country purchased over 2/3’s of the entire years production of gold. Factor in Russia, India and the US and suddenly significantly more gold was purchased than produced. And as any first year economic student will tell you when demand exceeds supply prices go UP NOT DOWN! And yet gold prices have fallen precipitously in the last year. Gold is a finite resource. While production has increased it is set to decline for the year. Demand for the physical continues unabated. So the only way prices could possibly have declined is via price manipulation, collusion and corruption. 2013 was the 3th straight year of record demand for physical gold. Common sense and the fact dictate that gold should have at least doubled to nearly $4000 and ounce during this period, not declined by 50%. And since gold is denominated in dollars and the purchasing power of the dollar has steadily declined during this period this should have pushed gol up another $1000 or so. Gold should be trading around $5000 right now.

  • mac

    * u can’t print gold; the comex futures are printable…

  • mac

    New Gold’s CEO is now the president of the World Gold Council I have read.

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