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CDC Chief, Dr. Thomas Frieden, Betrays America

from Dr. Mark Sircus,

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden has said, ‘U.S. hospitals are well prepared to handle Ebola patients’ – yet they admit there is no cure, and can only medically provide “supportive care”. The news proves Frieden to be deceiving the public. The situation is not under control. Everyday mistakes are being made fostering the epidemic they want us to be scared of.

For what Frieden says in the above video he should be arrested and booked for crimes against humanity. Certainly he is betraying Americans exposing them to a virus that the CDC owns the patent on, as one of the most dangerous viruses ever. His comment about not closing down international flights for his lame reason is a direct threat to American citizens.

If the CDC had not wanted this medical disaster to happen all travel to the “Ebola” zone would have been stopped. What is totally believable is that governmental authorities are creating plausible grounds for initiating martial law and getting a full scale crack down on people.

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