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[BUT, OF COURSE]: ISIS’ Ammunition Originated in the USA [& China]

by C. J. Chivers, NY Times:

In its campaign across northern Syria and Iraq, the jihadist group Islamic State has been using ammunition from the United States and other countries that have been supporting the regional security forces fighting the group, according to new field data gathered by a private arms-tracking organization.

The data, part of a larger sample of captured arms and cartridges in Syria and Iraq, carries an implicit warning for policy makers and advocates of intervention.

It suggests that ammunition transferred into Syria and Iraq to help stabilize governments has instead passed from the governments to the jihadists, helping to fuel the Islamic State’s rise and persistent combat power.

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1 comment to [BUT, OF COURSE]: ISIS’ Ammunition Originated in the USA [& China]

  • JeffG

    Yeah, Love the bar graph showing 80% on the ammo coming from China(in the 80s)..that is a farce; we supplied most of that through CIA ops to the Mujahideen to fight Russia. Operation Cyclone, Billions of dollars were allocated for weapons and ammo, and all were Chinese made ak-47s and 7.92mm ammo. We did this so there was no evidence were were fighting a proxy war with Russia. This is how we sharpened our teeth to the tactics we are currently using..Didn’t work then and won’t work now. So really it should show US supplying most of the ammo since 1980…I really wish folks could print the truth..

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