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Burn The Bonds; Pay The Pensions

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

There has been a major (economic) policy-decision reached and implemented, across the corrupt Western bloc. But it has never been the subject of political debate, let alone any sort of formal vote. Indeed, this policy decision has never even been explicitly/publicly acknowledged by any of these Deadbeat Governments.

What policy decision is this? Year after year, these governments assured us that their corrupt/incompetent economic policies had not rendered our economies insolvent. Now, much more quietly; these same governments are acknowledging that they can’t meet all of their financial obligations – and thus have begun defaulting.

The (unstated) policy decision comes with respect to which obligations they have chosen to willfully engage in default, and which obligations they have chosen to continue to fund.

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2 comments to Burn The Bonds; Pay The Pensions

  • Frank Zak

    German municipalities are bankrupt.
    The untold story in the USA is pension plans.

    Take my wife’s for example. They notified her last year
    their pension plan, Merrill Lynch, would shut to new money.
    Only the 401k plan will remain.

    BUT, her old pension plan will continue to pay
    her 5 1/4 % interest on all her funds in the plan
    as long as she continues to work.
    My wife has 40 years of savings in there.

    Pension plans may face huge losses. Not the employees,
    but the Merrill Lynch’s of the world.

    Meanwhile, baby boomers cashing out large cash sums
    are buying real estate for all cash at an incredible rate.

    Wall street firms stopped buying real estate to flip
    and rent long ago. Huge amounts of cash are entering the system
    from retiring baby boomers.

    This is the untold story of real estate.

    Old retiring people are suddenly coming into large lump
    sum payouts.

    The wealth gap between old and young widens. Meanwhile
    25% of young people still need a house and are living
    with their parents until they can afford one.

  • Gnostic

    Anyone under this Babylonian Talmudic Communist Beast money system owns NOTHING, they may have Title but are only Tenants, These criminals can call in pensions or real estate at will, just waiting for the right crisis.

    tick tock tick tock

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