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Ariana Grande ‘Break Free’ Illuminati Music Video Symbolism Exposed

from Mark Dice:

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1 comment to Ariana Grande ‘Break Free’ Illuminati Music Video Symbolism Exposed

  • Tim

    Your kidding right? Tell me SGT, are you just as judgmental and homophobic as this nut job? <—-(An actual curious question, not a criticism). Because for all the info on the awakening movement that is posted on your website about big banks, big pharma, big agri, big gov't, you all still are in a box when it comes to religion. Why is it? Religion is part of the whole power and control scheme that goes with the rest of it. Yeah, there may be some truths in all religions and spirituality, but I think it all points to another layer of an even higher truth that you all never talk about. I love tons of your content, but I rather think it's contradictory of you all to post content with hate in it towards a minority. Especially when it's obvious that Mark Dice does not like or accept anyone if they are not christian. That alone is a red flag of someone being judgmental when Jesus was not a person/entity of judgment. People seriously misunderstand the whole bible, especially it's followers.

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