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ALERT! Obama Signs Executive Order to Microchip All Credit Cards!

from DAHBOO77:

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9 comments to ALERT! Obama Signs Executive Order to Microchip All Credit Cards!

  • none

    Place all credit cards etc in microwave for 1-2 seconds to destroy RFID chips…

  • We hve been living in UK now for 2 years and geen using chip and pin on our CC. Love it, less likely to have the CC information hacked.
    You are making a big deal about this, all other countries have it. Not because of lack of freedom, because of better technology.

    • Gnostic

      The Technology is so good I was able to scan Patti’s chip card, track her on Google Earth & saw her leaving the city of London on her way to Tally’s Pub. LOL

      PS- she ordered a Shirley Temple & left no tip.

  • Angel

    The social scientists have been hard at work for a very long time, much longer than most of us realize. They institute these policies in increments, beginning with things that are seemingly innocent, at least to those suffering from that horrible plaque called normalcy bias.

    No matter how much the worry-warts attempt to justify the CC chip by claiming it protects their card from being hacked, I’m sorry to say they’re full of it. Because these are the same people will justify ANYTHING in the name of safety, including a chip implant in the human body, especially when their masters come up with a juicy excuse as to why this is necessary. No doubt, they already KNOW what the excuse will be, it’s simply a matter of waiting for the correct moment to role it out fully.

    They have been salivating every step of the way as they perfect and micro-manage every aspect of their obscene agenda. And there’s no limit as to the extent that they will go, especially seeing how easy it is to bamboozle the morons.

    DABHOO is right, time to slay the Beast!

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