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A Sad Reality: U.S. Nurses, Hospitals Unprepared & Unable to Handle Ebola Outbreaks

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society

As everyone knows by now, Ebola has officially spread to the United States, with the first case appearing in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, nurses across America are saying that they are untrained and unprepared to deal with the Ebola ‘crisis,’ unable to take care of patients arriving in the emergency departments infected with Ebola.

Thomas Eric Duncan was initially sent home post his first visit to the emergency room at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital,even after voicing that he had just returned from Liberia – where the Ebola outbreak is present. This is an example of complete incompetence on the hospital staff’s part, and supports what nurses are saying about the Ebola outbreak.

So far, Ebola has killed 3,338 people in the deadliest outbreak record. It doesn’t compare to things like the Spanish flu pandemic during 1918, killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, or the Asian flu pandemic of 1957, killing 70,000 Americans, but it is still an issue in our modern time that must be prevented and resolved.

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