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A New Hope

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Long-time readers know I am the ultimate Star Wars fan.  In my view, George Lucas is the Albert Einstein of movie-making; and joining with Disney has only made the franchise stronger.  One of my favorite Star Wars creations is the recently completed, seven-season animated serial “Star Wars-Clone Wars” – of which, I woke up Sunday morning at 3:00 AM to watch the final seven episodes.

Star Wars’ creators clearly have very strong political views – in my view, quite similar to the majority of Miles Franklin Blog readers.  They, too, fear the power, ruthlessness and corruption of big government; and equally so, its ability to influence constituents with propaganda – as exemplified by this memorable scene of Senator Amidala averring “so this is how liberty dies…to thunderous applause.”  Ironically, life does in fact imitate art in countless situations.  Thus, to say the world – particularly, the viciously controlled financial markets – are amidst an epic battle of good versus evil, does not necessitate even a modicum of hyperbole.  I wrote of this two years ago in “Gold Wars”; and today, more than ever, believe the “evil Empire” is under siege by its minions in a war it cannot win.  History tells us fiat currencies cannot mathematically survive; and this time around, no matter how powerful TPTB’s weapons of money printing, market manipulation and propaganda will be no different.  Thus, whilst this Ponzi scheme’s end game will be horribly painful, we are eminently hopeful of what the “other side” will bring – when the good that is physical gold and silver reclaims its throne as the “once and future king” of the monetary realm.

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