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A Black Swan Takes Flight

by Tom Chatham, Alt-Market:

The threat of a pandemic is ever more present today than it was one month ago. The spread of a pandemic through American communities has some potential to be used for nefarious purposes. With the distrust in government today, it is natural to be suspicious of how this event is being handled at higher levels.

Normal everyday people are screaming for a quarantine of people from infected regions of the world but the government seems reluctant to do that simple thing to stop the spread of this disease. That in itself begs the question if this is intentional and part of some larger plan.

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2 comments to A Black Swan Takes Flight

  • One dead that’s been blamed on Ebola. Two sick nurses. NO new additions in four+ days. Again….. who even knows “if” Ebola is responsible.

    The media is pounding this hard, so it has to be a lie.

    Leave to our government!!!!! They screw up everything. Develop a weaponized disease and shoot it into some innocent victims in the hopes it takes off. But….. it doesn’t. Another failure, except “this” time it actually works in the people’s favor.

    Another motive????? You can count on it. Less freedoms and more governmental invasion into our lives.

    The people in power are pure frickin evil. There is only one answer. It’s either us or them….. you pick.

    • Ed_B

      Another facet of this is the unintended consequence of people preparing for a pandemic. Yes, a lot of supplies are being purchased and much of it consists of medical supplies, such as protective suits, gloves, goggles, soaps of various kinds, and lots of bleach. Those in the know are also buying or making quite a lot of colloidal silver to home treat their loved ones. This is a wise precaution, since going to a hospital during a pandemic, should one occur, will become a virtual death sentence. That is where the worst of the contagion will be located, so avoiding that will be of great value in protecting one’s health and the health of their loved ones.

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