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5.9% Unemployment Rate Truth & Lies

from Fabian4Liberty:

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  • Hello to Anyone who reads this post!

    I live in Ontario Canada.
    Everyone keeps wondering how the Government comes up with the Unemployment Statistics.
    This year my Address was “Randomly Picked to Participate in the Mandatory Unemployment Statistics for Ontario Canada”.

    I asked the lady Questions who was at my door with her laptop, filling out the Questions for the survey. It was the perfect opportunity, as well, I was not going to leave it to chance any other Address picked would poke around.

    Here are the Questions I asked

    Q-Are you asking Any of my neighbours?
    Q-Was there any other address in my area picked?
    A-No, I am given the addresses to conduct the Unemployment Statistic Survey, they tend to be all over different areas.
    Q-How are the homes picked?
    Q-Are the Addresses picked by hand or computer?
    A-I do not know how the Addresses were picked.
    Q-Is this how all areas come to the conclusion of Unemployment or Empolyment Statistics?
    A-This is how Ontario does it (estimates Unemployment Statistics)
    Q-How can that even remotely give a true estimate? Given the fact that so many people are out of work, and most likely are not being asked if they are having trouble finding work, including those who go get High School diplomas go to Collage and or University and can’t find work in the trade they spent a lot of money on learning or are in debit for many years to come, who end up working at Tim Hortons, McDonalds or The Source, or multiple of these part time low paying jobs, because the Governments decided that it was a really good idea to give away, outsource and encourage employers to get slave labor elsewhere, pretty much all our production job are gone out the window, which was on purpose to create a domino effect. As well the businesses that offer jobs purposely give employees under the allocated hours to make sure the employment is part time. Hiring tons of part time employees instead. Sales jobs are very cut throat, like The Source, who force employees to sell Bell phone contracts and if they don’t their hours are cut even more. This is is happening to everyone we all know including my son. They most likely are purposely not picking Addresses located at low income housing or shelters either.
    A- I don’t know if that is not a proper way to figure out the Unemployment Statistics that is how we do it. (Basically in one ear and out the other, just numbers to them )
    Q-Will these Questions conclude the Unemployment Statics for Ontario for this address?
    A-No, we follow the residents of this address for a period of 6 months.
    Q-Well I’m moving does that matter?
    A-No, whom ever lives at this address it is mandatory to participate until the 6 month term ends, and we may contact you by phone if that is ok

    She asked about every member of the current household. date of birth, if attending school, collage or University, if anyone in my family was away attending education elsewhere, whom was currently working this week, how many hours were worked, was the hours worked payed or non-paied, any time off was it paid.

    Most likely they continue this procedure elsewhere and that is how they consider the Unemployment rate is dropping and Employment is up.

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