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World Bank Warns of Global Jobs Crisis: ‘Challenging Times Loom Large’

from News Max:

The world is facing a global jobs crisis that is hurting the chances of reigniting economic growth and there is no magic bullet to solve the problem, the World Bank warned on Tuesday.

In a study released at a Group of 20 (G-20) Labor and Employment Ministerial Meeting in Australia, the Bank said an extra 600 million jobs needed to be created worldwide by 2030 just to cope with the expanding population.

“There’s little doubt there is a global jobs crisis,” said the World Bank’s senior director for jobs, Nigel Twose.

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2 comments to World Bank Warns of Global Jobs Crisis: ‘Challenging Times Loom Large’

  • Rodster

    This is the result of central banking and it’s ponzi scheme “fractional reserve banking”. It’s at the root of the problem because an economy requires exponential and compound growth to keep the system from collapsing. You can’t have bank runs when things go chaotic.

    The problem is every economy is being run by this ponzi scheme. Pass the pitch fork, it’s my turn. 🙂

  • Shadow of Doubt

    If Obama has the US economy cooking on all burners why did all those casinos just close in New Jersey?

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