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Why Scotland Has All The Leverage, In Two Charts

from ZeroHedge:

As always, the bottom line is about leverage and bargaining power. It is here that, miraculously, things once again devolve back to, drumroll, oil, and the fact that an independent Scotland would keep 90% of the oil revenues! As we showed several days ago, Scotland’s oil may be the single biggest wildcard in the entire Independence movement. It is this oil that as SocGen’s Albert Edwards shows earlier this morning, is what gives Scotland all the leverage.

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1 comment to Why Scotland Has All The Leverage, In Two Charts

  • delllat

    i doubt that Scotland will secede. TPTB will not and can not let it happen!!
    the so called queen and her illegitimate hares (really heirs)will not allow it. neither will the city of london. once they crack….other nations, countries, states will follow suit.
    based on the amount of currency required to keep the nation and the queen’s pocket book filled… THE REFERENDUM SHALL NOT PASS.

    (I’ll be extremely surprised if it does pass!)

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