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What Retail Might Look Like At The End of the World As We Know It

By sootgrinder, Survival Blog:

In most TEOTWAWKI scenarios, one of the first things to fall is the “kanban” retail system used by big box retailers, such as my place of employment. While I think that there is some truth to this notion, there are a few important things about “big box” store policies and customer trends that are important to know in the event that it all hits the fan. My background is in communications, and I have worked on and off in various positions that involve “crisis management” since high school. Most recently I have worked as a manager in retail at a store in an impoverished metropolitan region. I personally want to be getting out of Dodge when it all goes down and do not recommend being in a retail environment if it happens, but the following are a few observations during my time in retail that may help give some insight into what a retail store might look like during a collapse.

The first and most important thing to remember is that actual disasters do not deter customer traffic. In fact, they tend to draw spectators.

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