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Weekly News Wrap-Up Bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Eric Holder Quits, Russia Counters Sanctions

from USA Watchdog:

The top story is the bombing campaign on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but at this stage, it is mostly Syria. The U.S. promises a “Long Campaign,” with the bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The Obama Administration has the support of other Arab nations, but the most important support comes from Saudi Arabia.

Remember last year when the Obama Administration backed out of bombing Syria. Top Saudi officials were quoted as saying that they were “stabbed in the back” by President Obama. Fast forward to today and rumors of Saudi Arabia to stop using the petro dollar when selling oil. No doubt the Saudis threatened to pull the plug on the dollar. Now, it looks like this bombing deal in Syria will prolong the use of the dollar when buying and selling oil, at least for a while. One other thing, President Obama talked at the UN and asked for help with the Islamic State that he called a “network of death.” The liberal press can’t bring itself to call this what it really is–Islamic extremists. This story calls them Middle East militants.

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