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We Aren’t All Farmers, Soldiers, or Master Gardeners

By sootgrinder, Survival Blog:

I would like to share some of my observations, feelings, and plans for dealing with the current and future difficult times that we face. As I have read and studied the survival plans and strategies of the fine members of the SurvivalBlog community, as well as other sources, I have frequently been overwhelmed and discouraged about my ability to deal with the inevitable trouble that is barreling toward us faster every day. I read the stories of people moving to a fully-stocked and well-equipped retreat with their ex-military buddies, who are also master gardeners, trained medical personnel, and have every other skill imaginable, and then realize that I will never be able to protect and provide for my family in this manner. I live in a rural, but not isolated, part of Appalachia, and for various reasons I will not be able to bug out to a fully-equipped and ready-to-go homestead when things get really sour. Furthermore, I am not a farmer, master gardener, or a soldier, but I have developed a plan to try to maximize the potential for survival for my loved ones. We do have a couple of gardens that do generate a significant amount of our nutrition, and I plan to add a couple of pigs in the near future. Also, we are continuously working to expand our farming skill set, but if I have to rely on my gardening and farming skills right now to survive, we will starve in short order. I don’t have the land necessary to support livestock of sufficient quantity to feed us long term. So, you may ask, what do I have? I have my head and my hands, which are the two most important aspects of survival. My grandfather, who lived through the Great Depression, told me that “a man who was good with his hands and willing to work would never go hungry”. I am an engineer by profession and a mad scientist at heart; there is very little in this world that I cannot either repair or build from scratch. The place where I feel at home is in my workshop. I have a pretty good side business going already repairing motorcycles, ATVs, and rebuilding tractors and other farm equipment. I also do welding and fabrication jobs. I use the money raised on these side jobs to buy more of the things that will keep my shop viable in a collapse situation.

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