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Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Zionist apologists

By Stuart Littlewood, ReDressOnline:

Reasoning with a Zionist is an oxymoron. It is as self-contradictory as saying something is falsely true.

This, we have no doubt, is the conclusion everyone who has tried to have a rational, fact-based debate with Zionists would have drawn.

If that is also your experience – or if you have never had the misfortune of debating with a Zionist – then you will want to listen to the two short clips below from Mike Malloy’s radio show.

For those who don’t know him, Malloy is a self-syndicated American radio broadcaster from Atlanta, Georgia, who describes himself as “a traditional liberal democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its liberal roots”.

In this clip, he routs a Zionist caller who uses the jaded argument that Israel, the aggressor and occupier, has a right to defend its ill-gotten gains.

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20 comments to Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Zionist apologists

  • Hondo Stalwart

    As they say … God is a real estate agent and the Bible is the deed.

  • monica

    amazing…we accept this reasoning when we look at our own American history. the virtuous pilgrims came here for “freedom to express” their faith, and pretty much decimated the indigenous people already occupying the land. although…the Bible never stated a clear boundary for those pilgrims – they never needed God as the real estate person, and they didn’t need the Bible for a deed – they assumed their privilege and we teach it with pride to our children. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy – no matter which side of the fence you stand on.

  • Angel

    A better analogy would be to say that the DEVIL granted the land to the Zionists. And they began doing the Devil’s bidding when they accepted.

    Anyway, there is absolutely no reasoning with a Zio-nazi, and it IS an oxymoron. Malloy handled it the way everyone should: HANG UP ON ‘EM!


  • Gnostic

    “Mimi” is typical, crying victimhood as they victimize. Zionism is truly a mental illness.

    this is part 2

    Mike Explodes AGAIN!!! With Another Caller Defending Israel

    • Angel

      This was actually the second clip on the ReDressOnline post after Mimi called in.

      Let’s not be so hard on Bibi. After all, he’s doing the best he can. And besides, he sounds just like an American, so he can’t be THAT bad, could he?

  • C.I.

    Thumb Up. Good Clip Aye!

  • Joe

    Filthy, satanic, genocidal, Jew Zionist IsraHELL, steals nearly 1,000 additional acres of the West bank.

    “Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of West Bank Land Near Bethlehem”

  • DDearborn


    lets be clear here; Israel has stolen nearly all habitable land in the West Bank. people are never told (it is very carefully hidden in fact) by 1946 Jews and Jewish interests ONLY OWNED 6 PERCENT OF ALL THE LAND IN PALESTINE!!! Between late 1945 and early 1948 Jewish terrorist forced over 1 Million Palestinians out of their homes and off their lands at the point of a gun. And when that didn’t work they literally blow up the homes, sometimes with the entire family in them. Jewish terrorists where murdering innocent women and children long before Hamas or the Palestinian authority was even being considered.

    In order for “Israel” to be “created” nearly 750,000 Palestinian men, women and children were either killed or disappeared. More than half a million more became refuges. Bear in mind that under the same agreement that Israel claims grants them the right to exist (the UN) granted approximately half of all the land to the Palestinians. Today the tables have been completely reversed. Instead of owning only 6% as in 1946, “Israel” now owns/or controls over 90% of all the land. In short ther actual terrorists in Palestine are the Israel’s not the Palestinians. The real victims are not the Jews in the Middle East but the Palestinians.

    It is to this end that the Zionists/Jewish spend the last 100 years slowly but surely buying essentially the entire MSM in the US. Because he who controls the media/message controls the country. Hence the Congress openly and unanimously supporting Israel’s evil, war crimes, crimes against humanity, Apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people. And why the American people have been tricked into spending 8 Trillion dollars murdering millions more Arabs in order for the Zionists to steal their goal of a Jewish only empire controlling the Middle East (and all the oil and gas)

  • mike

    I dont have a problem with Israel using the iron shield as long as they pay for it. Infact if the Ghetto dwellers there in Israel have the money we can set a system up for them as well. Time to stop funding others quagmires and start selling. Make some money from theses wars. During WW1 our businesses were making a killing supplying armaments to both sides until the Germans put a stop to it. That’s the way war can be profitable. This is not our war, and unfortunately wars are going to be with us forever. So why not be in the right position, right smack dab in the middle and make some $$ for our country? There is no right side in this situation currently in Israel. So whoever has the Gold, we got the toys your want, lots of toys!

    • Gnostic


      There is no right side in this situation currently in Israel, You got to be kidding me, Make some money from the wars, Who?? not the average Goy, The Jewish bankers & Their Military Complex.

      • mike

        Sure the average guy..If you made bullets for example and didn’t have Gov interference to who you sold to, you would make a ton! Thats the American way. I don’t have a dog in this fight so I really don’t so the winner of this fight doesn’t mean anything to me.. I really don’t think the bankers snuck into the Gaza strip and started rocketing Israel to start this.

        • mike

          Meant to say…So the winner doesn’t mean anything to me…

          • Gnostic

            Mike, Jews have been expelled from 79 Countries 109X long before the concept of Zionism existed. The problem is not Zionism it is Judaism.

            If you need more info talk to your Rabbi.

            • Mike

              Dont care they have an area they think is theirs. As far as I am concerned it belongs to the conqueror. If someone is willing to fight for it and if I had an munitions plant, I would be happy to sell to them if I was allowed. America should not be in the business of getting into other peoples business that includes citizens trying to make a buck. It’s their war not yours. Let them fight it out and we will see who it really wants it the most. Really not interested at all in Israel or the other guys. I just do not think we should NOT be giving Israel a dime for anything at all. If they were meant to exist they will be victorious over the evil doers by their own hand not my tax dollars.

        • Angel

          The “American way” is the very poison that infects the entire world, and your comment is indicative of the mindset of far too many Americans.

          Furthermore, there won’t be any “winner” in this game should it continue, everyone will lose, except for the select few (until they end up reaping what they sow).

          You could leave me out of your madness.

          • Mike

            What? I am for limited gov and ceasing an opportunity. That is exactly what made America great. Not crony capitalism and regulation. There are certain absolutes in life and one of them is war like or not that is the history of civilization and the core of all men (Sports, business etc all forms of war). I’m all for staying out of wars as far as our government goes. If individuals have the balls to go into an active war zone unprotected to make some money then I am cool with that. Risk Vs Reward.

            • Angel

              Yes, I’m also down with the libertarian way, but there are also MORAL absolutes that we would be wise to acknowledge. Unfortunately, there exists a school of libertarian purists who may as well be speaking a foreign language to me.

              Again, we reap what we sow. That’s all I’m saying, Mike.

  • Tom W Harris


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