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UPDATE: Is Obama’s Life Safe With The Secret Service?

from Fabian4Liberty:

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3 comments to UPDATE: Is Obama’s Life Safe With The Secret Service?

  • matt

    not even going to listen to this crap..this guy is a complete tool and needs to find another outlet to try and get his 30secs of fame..Don’t give him the time of day Sean!

  • Rainwaterrunningdog

    I hope Obama in NOT safe with the Secret Service. America is sure as hell not safe with Obama!

  • NaySayer

    I can’t say I care one way or the other.

    I voted for Obama in the first election, so I gave him a shot at hope and change and he failed big time. Now I just don’t care.

    Or rather, It would be better if he wasn’t assassinated because that will look like a racist act (which it might or might not be) and then he will be a martyr and will have greater power in memory.

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