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MUST WATCH, MUST SHARE TRUTH: Ukraine’s Full NATO Membership Idea ‘Akin to LUNACY’ — This is Life & Death for the Western Elite in Washington & London

@ 3:35: “It’s a pilotless drone of lies and deceptions coming from Washington, coming from London and we need some voices of sanity and reason.” – William Engdahl

from RT:

Kiev expects NATO countries to give Ukraine a status of ‘special partner’, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk said Wednesday. However, the best decision for NATO would be “Ukraine’s membership” of the alliance, he said.

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5 comments to MUST WATCH, MUST SHARE TRUTH: Ukraine’s Full NATO Membership Idea ‘Akin to LUNACY’ — This is Life & Death for the Western Elite in Washington & London

  • Sam

    Certainly William Engdahl puts the situation in clear terms, trouble with this is, are the sheep seeing past the Lame Stream, Washington and London LIES?

    • Rodster

      No, because as Paul Craig Roberts says that the predominant language in the world is English. Therefore the USSA has a clear advantage controlling the (SPIN, LIES and PROPAGANDA) around the world. Which is why the Russians get blame for destabilize Ukraine while Victoria Nuland is handing out $5 billion dollars and street cookies to destabilize and topple an elected Govt by the people, then blame Russia for all the problems in Ukraine.

      • Sam

        Hey Rodster, good point and that Dr Paul C Roberts is one to pay heed.

        Now, If only more would listen Jim Willie, “V” , or some of the other alt news line ups that You love to hate, eh? 8-0

  • johns

    The problem is, no one with more than 1 brain cell is in charge in the west. The only brain cell they possess is greed, destruction and chaos.

    Until the single brain-celled organisms are removed, the intelligent life, multi-brain-celled individuals can only look on in amazement at the stupidity of the whole theater known as earth, which these micro organism have chosen for their playground of ignorance and chaos.

  • Angel

    So, if I’m interpreting this correctly, it appears that as vial a creature as he is, Poroshenko is also somewhat of a realist (and certainly a heartless opportunist), and in an around and about way, he’s throwing in the towel. This due to the fact that not only are his forces increasingly getting their butts handed to them, but as the guest said, he has business interests in the east of Ukraine that he doesn’t want to see completely eroded.

    I suppose Poroshenko thinks that should a peace deal be brokered, he could remain a business partner with Russia at some level, and maintain at least some of his revenue base. A typical sleazeball and opportunist, especially considering the genocide he’s waged on Ukrainians in the east.

    Yatsenyuk, on the other hand, the wretched Western stooge that he is, wants to continue to go to bat for his bosses, a last ditch effort to annihilate any opposition in Ukraine to the Western fascists and their hegemony.

    If the guest is correct, the very survival of the dollar hinges on Ukraine, so it’s no wonder that the neo-con wing of the NWO is out in full force on the talk show circuit day in and day out, chomping at the bit and banging the war drums.

    There’s now a blatant and well-coordinated attack from some powerful entities leveled against Barry. Either he does their bidding and follows through on the deal, or he’s finished, personally and politically. THAT is the message from this clique, which just goes to show you not only how desperate they are, but that Barry’s been nothing but a useful idiot, and someone they won’t think twice of disposing of by any means they deem necessary. Crazy times.

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