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Ukraine escalation brings safe haven gold to the fore

by Lawrence Williams,

The geopolitical strife kettle is getting up a head of steam. If it continues the way it is looking at the moment and really boils over then gold could be in for a good run in the final four months of the year, historically a strong period for precious metals anyway. The trouble, though, is that there’s so much disinformation hitting the media, and being made in statements as politicians pursue their own agendas, that it is difficult to get a handle on what is really happening out there in the wide world and its potential implications.

For example, with regard to Ukraine, the latest media reports, relying mostly on information put out by the Ukraine government with its agenda of desperately trying to drum up military support from NATO, suggest Russia has ‘invaded’ eastern Ukraine with frontline troops, which Russia has denied. There seems to be little doubt that Russian personnel and weaponry are indeed being used in support of the separatists. The only real doubt is perhaps whether the Russian troops are volunteers or regular army. Ukraine has thus made a plea to join NATO which, if it were to happen, would compel NATO to get involved militarily.

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