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U.S. – Syria War Begins as Military Ordered by Obama to Kill ISIS

from The Money GPS:

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3 comments to U.S. – Syria War Begins as Military Ordered by Obama to Kill ISIS

  • Sam

    Would it be a stretch to imagine Syria’s President Assad to implore the world to set up a no fly zone over Southwest America’s open unprotected borders due to ISIS threats directed there and to then authorize a scope limited humanitarian kenetic action love bombings wherever necessary because the citizens of the former USA have had thier rights, freedoms and democracy destroyed by their own inept out of touch war monger NWO pushing leaders?!

    Oh the ironic table turner that would be 😎

  • monica

    all i can think of is our men and women who signed up, willing and knowingly to serve our country should we ever need to be protected, in return for the ever decreasing benefits military service offers them. what they all overlooked was a time when a commander in chief went totally rogue and would treat them like robotic kill agents, not in defense, but for the whim of those playing the political and power chest game. hate is a horrific thing as is greed, lust, avarice….and those in power have a great deal of each seething inside of them. i do not believe a group with a collective mind set such as they demonstrate, can have anything but a very evil energy source supporting them. God have mercy on us for letting it grow to this point.

  • WillyT

    Obama is using the men and women of the U.S.A. military to further the NWO agenda and using his own troops as pawns in the game. This is not about ISIS and terror attacks on The U.S. The currency is dying slowly and losing it’s world standard. What a better way to detract attention from the real issues at hand by starting another war. I hope the american troops are aware of this and refuse to go into another war. Right now it’s just bombing, when will there be boots on the ground? We’ll wait and see what happens. Perhaps another false flag in the U.S is coming , beware everyone.

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