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Thursday’s ECB Decision Could Destroy Europe, If Ukraine Doesn’t First

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Finally, September is here!  Everything we’ve observed suggest something BIG is on the verge of happening; and frankly, I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the inevitability of the gold Cartel’s demise or terrified of what the ensuing world will look like.  This weekend, I saw a chart showing a record low percentage of 16% of Americans believing their children will be more successful than they were, compared to the record high of 56% in 2000.  But sadly, financial “success” is likely not going to be the majority’s primary goal in the coming years, compared to survival.

Three years ago, the Cartel commenced the post Labor Day period with the blatant “Operation PM Annihilation I” attacks just hours after the Swiss National Bank devalued the Franc; marking what we deemed the “point of no return” of Central bank efforts to kick the can that last mile.  Since then, every conceivable measure of political, economic and social stability has plunged dramatically.  And consequently, during this supposedly “quiet” Labor Day weekend, I have witnessed more “horrible headlines” than any before it.  Based on 12 years of immersion in the precious metals sector and 25 years in financial markets in general, every ounce of my being tells me the “jig is up” for those attempting to stave off reality with unprecedented money printing, market manipulation and propaganda.

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