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Think Like A Criminal And You’ll Understand What’s Happening

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Hi Dave. I am a long time follower of your work.

Just reaching out for your opinion if you don’t mind the intrusion. I made a decision back in 2005 to put most of everything except the homes we have into metals. Been riding this monkey up and down but I feel like the guy in the twilight zone episode where everyone speaks another language. Any advice for an amateur to stay the course?

My response: The most important aspect of this to understand – and I’m sure you do – is that this manipulation and take-down of the metals is being done almost entirely with Comex paper contracts. As long as they can keep printing paper contracts for which they’re never called on to deliver, they can fabricate fraudulent gold and silver supply. As you know, when supply exceeds demand, price goes down. I watch and trade the Comex everyday. And everyday, like clockwork, gold and silver start to sell-off in the last 30 minutes of Comex floor trading. There is no better example of how manipulated and corrupt the Comex is. It would be equivalent to a baseball player getting a hit every time he went to bat.

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