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The West Paves The Road To War With Lies

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

Official statements from the Russian government indicate that the president and foreign minister continue to rely on the good will of “our Western partners” to work out a reasonable diplomatic solution to the trouble in Ukraine caused by Washington. Not only is there no evidence of this good will in Western capitals, the hostile measures against Russia are increasing. Moreover, hostile measures are on the rise even though their main effect is to disadvantage Europe.

For example, the socialist president of France has followed Washington’s orders and refused to deliver a ship that it owes to Russia under contract. The news reports are so incompetent that they do not say whether Russia has paid for the ship or whether payment was awaiting completion. If Russia has not already paid, then the failure to deliver will harm whoever financed the construction of the ship. If Russia has paid, then the idiot French president has placed France in violation of a contract and under international law France is subject to heavy financial penalties.

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4 comments to The West Paves The Road To War With Lies

  • David Hollands Curran

    Another 10 out of 10 article from Dr Roberts.

    Anyone who is a lover of truth would wish that the real story be told and the veil of stupidity lifted.

    The West has become an embarrassment to our former generations who stood for ideals and principles. Now entire countries are prostrate to a despicable administration whose only achievements are death across the globe, destruction of the world economy and an ever maniacal attempt to hold hegemonic control.

    The people of this world deserve better and not in the name of the NWO

  • Rodster

    I’m amazed we haven’t read yet that Dr. Roberts suffered from self inflicting nail gun wounds while jumping off the top of the JP Morgan HQ building? Neither Russia, USSA or the EU are choirboys in the Ukraine mess but the USSA went full throttle to destabilize Ukraine to cause problems for Russia.

    Evil Empire = USSA

  • Angel

    Dr. Roberts need not worry about Russia getting on its knees at the feet the Great Satan. As the Dr. pointed out, Russia does hold all the cards, probably even more than we know. So, no need to rush these things, as the Beast will most assuredly collapse in due time.

    If there’s one thing that Russia has displayed throughout this entire Ukraine crisis, its been PATIENCE, POISE, and PROFESSIONALISM. They know they got the Beast by the balls, and it would take very little to yank it off of life support. But not just yet, it seems.

    The agony will likely be prolonged indefinitely, which will also give Russia and company more time to get their own affairs in order so that when it’s all systems go, it really WILL BE all systems go.

    Enter the new paradigm, as the Beast lies gasping its last breath, surrounded by idiotic minions whose ridiculous tears of pity will be lost on anyone and everyone who has ever had to endure the suffering and wrath of the Beast.

    They will cherish the moment indeed, at least those with the preps, the assets, and fortitude to survive the great transition and its resulting turbulence, which will likely be of an extended duration, and where survival will be far from a given (even for those who HAVE prepared).

  • Anon

    War by Deception, the method of International Central Bankers, Israel, Mossad, and, of course, their captured entities: THE UNITED STATES, and N.A.T.O.

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