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The Ups and Downs Of Gold Cycles

by Jim Sinclair, JS Mineset:

My Dear Extended Family,

Cycles are best understood as probabilities for directional movement. Those gold cycles that turned down at $1900 have now turned up with the price of gold now plumbing previous lows which are by definition major support.

The price objective once this experience is over is $2100, and is where it will trade in time.

I can only imagine what a deluge of emails this will bring from the Gold Internet Trolls.

Respectfully yours,

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4 comments to The Ups and Downs Of Gold Cycles

  • Sam

    And at a 15:1 ratio Silver ought to be reaching new heights as well, however, Mr.Gold rarely speaks with a silver tongue…

  • William

    Broad brush statements that are often written in “cryptic speak” that only the author knows. It will trade $2100 in time – – really! Does that mean 2016, 2021, 2031 – – oh yes – – no one knows only the gold shadow. I agree with Sam – – from my readings he doesn’t consider silver money.

  • zippy

    Didn’t this guy say, four years ago, that we’ll never see gold below $1400.00 again in our life times.

    blah blah blah………………

  • slappy magee

    As gold went above $1400 years ago, Jim Sinclair said we would never again see gold below $1400 in our life times.

    Credibility……..gone……. ?

    PS: Don’t be afraid to post this. It’s correct.

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