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Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins me to talk about 9/11 and false flag terror, western-backed ISIS terror, Obama’s speech, Ted Cruz’ undying love for Israel, the death of the dollar, the evil empire & the idolaters of money. We also talk about much needed solutions, like a return to the REAL American system and the massive water works project that could save the west from epic drought, NAWAPA.

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37 comments to THE EVIL EMPIRE & THE IDOLATERS OF MONEY — Harley Schlanger

    • Jacobson

      Yo J , the thai people have tons of gold and they sell it like hotdogs in the street .
      I visited Thailand 3 times , they have gold in every corner , usually 18K or 24K .

      They also have HUGE shops of silver and very good prices !

      • Nd60

        HOTDOGS? 😀 😀 😀

        True and those thick chains of gold w Buddha status hinging of their neck!!!
        and dont forget the temple they take tithing IN GOLD!

        they maybe poor at paper but they are rich in gold!!!

        what GDP??? Fictitious invention of the whitewashed fascist machine/system…
        Digital control of population in the east? hmmm… perhaps the time has come for all the colors of the shirt join together and fight corruption.

        be safe n be ready


      • Gnostic

        I agree with Jacobson.

        • Jacobson

          You ? Agree with me ? Angels are dancing in heaven LOL

          I just wanted to add that the asian people in general purchase tons of gold .
          Il’l never forget that when I was in N.India I went to a guesthouse that was owned by indian woman , she had at least 10 Oz of gold over herself but no bank account .
          All her savings were on her body .

          I saw the same things in the Phillipines , Nepal , Laos , Cambodia and other countries in the area .

          • Eric

            I was a bit surprised too Jacob. 😉

            • Jacobson

              Take it easy Eric ,
              I’m not the zionist vempire troll you think I am .

              Just an israeli jew who wants liberty & freedom .
              The intresting thing is that while most of you want freedom , liberty and to fight tyranny and NWO – you support the people who do the ooposite in other countries .
              I guess someone done a great job with deception and turning upside down all values .

              • Eric

                I don’t think so Jacob.

                I never though you a zionist vampire. A troll maybe. But you do seem to defend the actions of Israel no matter what they do.

                Someone did do a great job with deceiving the masses and turning upside down all values… the zionist nazi satanist cabal.

                If one person is suffering on this planet, we all should be.

                • Jacobson

                  It looks like the guys here chosed to defend the Falsetinians no matter what they do .
                  Have you ever thought that they have a crook leaders too ?
                  And I’m an israeli so it makes much more sense when I defend Israel but you seem to be weird guys who support something you don’t really know .

                  Yo Eric , are you a father ?
                  If your two kids are fighting , which side will you support ?
                  Let me guess , you love ’em both …

                  Don’t pick a side , just stay the F*** out .
                  Kapish ?
                  Most of the world are suffring and have nothing to eat while your fat nation throw tons of food everyday .
                  “The poor people of your city first” – that’s a jewish rule , take care , for yourself and you neighbours and when you are done come to Israel and help the Falsetinians .

                  G00d Luck !

                • Eric

                  Stay out? Like the Israeli Mossad stayed out of 9/11? Like the Rothschilds have stayed out of everyone’s business? Like Israeli citizenship and world zionism has stayed out of US politics?

                  My “fat nation” will get what it deserves just like the genocidal policies you support will come back to haunt Israel.

                  I won’t be helping Israel anytime soon. And I think it is very hypocritical and takes some real nerve to refer to the Palestinians as “Falsetinians” when they have more semitic blood in them than do 90% of Israelis.

                  Take care of your people Jacob whoever those are. The rest of the world won’t give a damn about them.

                • Jacobson

                  Yes . Stay out !
                  The CIA is sitting in Tel Aviv and listening to all of our phone calls , everybody in Israel know about the HUGE antenna in the american ambassy .

                  The Rothchilds ? are they israelis ? NO !

                  US was involved inside Israel more than Israel was involved in US – don’t try to switch between the elaphant and the mice .
                  Great satan and little satan you know …

                  The israeli arabs are ARABS and MUSLIMS but “Falsetine” is a LIE !
                  Simply beacuse each arab nation is an artificial product that was created by the west (UK & France especially) .
                  There is no difference between the arab muslim in Bahgdad or the arab muslim in Mecca or the arab muslim in Gaza .
                  Anyone the know the arab history knows there arent nations but only tribes .
                  That’s why they collapse now (with western help) – they are returning to their natural structure of tribes and rural areas with capital cities .
                  According to Islam there isn’t any borders in the arab penisula .
                  Even Yasser Arafat , the palestinian leader said :
                  “My nation exist from Gibraltar in the west to Afganistan in the East”
                  Try to fool someone else .

                  The struggle of the NWO is to destroy all nations, and if we (the jewish people) will fall and loose our identity then all the rest will fall easily .

                  I said before that I love arabs and I respect Islam ,
                  But I disagree to the Falsetinian idea “the tactic nation” as they said in the past .
                  Funny that you speak about semitic blood you racist !

                • Eric

                  Boo hoo! The CIA is spying on you. This is what happens when a small group controls a nations money supply.

                  Rothschilds have no allegiance to any nation or tribe. Are they Israelis? no. They are Jewish Satanic Luciferian Zionists.

                  Everything will devolve down to the local level. Don’t worry about losing your identity. Know thyself.

                • Jacobson

                  Yes , the CIA is spying all over Israel :

                  The “small group” isn’t working for Israel as the people here are saying .

                  Rothchilds ? Fuck ’em !
                  Judaism doesn’t come with satanism so you have to decide how you define them . Usury isn’t allowed according to the Torah and I wonder why you ALWAYS have to mention that they are “jewish” .
                  They don’t follow the Torah , they don’t speak hebrew , they don’t behave like jews and all of their lifestyle is the opposite of Judaism .
                  “Dry piece of bread and happines within it”
                  “Water in a measuring cup and sleeping on the floor”

                  The israeli-palestinian conflict is not a political conflict .
                  It is a conflict that was designed by the west in order to destroy our identity and create a NWO .
                  The name “palestine” was created by the romans who wanted to eliminate the jews so they exiled , murdered and CHANGED the name from “Judea & Israel” to “palestine” (named after the biblical Philistines) .
                  Usually , in most places and through all history , a group of people gatherd into a nation with laws,religion,custom etc and then they “threw” their identity over the land they lived .
                  It’s the basics of geo-politics .

                  As I said , I respect arabs and the Islam – they false identity was created to destroy ours simply beacuse when the Gazans were under control of Eygpt they never spoke about “palestinian” and when the west bank was belong to Jordan , the people over there didn’t mention any “palestinian identity” .

                  Only the west inflamed the arabs and created a “tactic nation” and use them to delete one of the most ancient civilizations in the world . If we will fall , all the rest of the nations will be easy to destroy .
                  NWO : no borders , no nations , no languages , no religions , no identity – just one big orgy .

          • Gnostic

            I do not give Jacob a pass on World Jewry’s debt slavery, genocide of civilian women & children- past present & future. Deception is no longer tolerable and shall be dealt with severely.

            ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service = Mossad

            Mike Rivero does an excellent narration. (8 min)


            • Jacobson

              Nazi bitch , go to hell .

              محمد علئ زيبي

              • Gnostic

                ZioNazi Quotes

                Menachem Mendel Schneerson – Chabad “Messiah”

                I am Moshiach!!! Suckers!!!
                So, gimme all your money!!!


                • Gnostic

                  Chabad 104

                  I don’t believe in western morality, i.e.
                  don’t kill civilians or children,
                  don’t destroy holy sites,
                  don’t fight during holiday seasons,
                  don’t bomb cemeteries,
                  don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral.

                  The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way:
                  Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).

                  — Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Manis Friedman
                  Moment Magazine (May/June 2009). “Ask The Rabbi”

                • Jacobson

                  1. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneiorson never lived in Israel .
                  2. Rabbi Schneiorson wasn’t a zionist .
                  3. This rabbi used to give dollars for free to people so they’ll give cherity .

                  Gnostic , he isn’t the jewish vempire that you are looking to find .

                  Shabbat is coming … BYE !

            • Eric

              I often wonder if the ‘house of jacob’ didn’t use to be the ‘house of khadir.’

  • Eric

    Thanks Sean. I always like hearing from Harley. I dedicate this one to you guys…

  • Jeff

    Always enjoy your interviews with Harley Sean. Thanks for all you do.

  • Angel

    Finally got to it. Thanks for another informative interview, Sean.

    I appreciate the way you call a spade a spade (the Zionists, Cruz, Skousen, etc), and of course, it goes without saying that Harley never minces words either.

    I find it ironic that there’s two camps who are calling for impeachment of the “President”. First there’s those who see him as nothing lees than a Wall Street puppet and spokesman for the Military-Industrial Complex, a dangerous and deceptive narcissist who has run roughshod over the Constitution.

    Secondly, there’s the very neo-cons and Zionists he beholds to, those sleazy chicken-hawks who, through the threat of impeachment (and likely blackmail), will keep the pressure on him at full throttle to ensure he continues to do their bidding.

    These groups have different motivations, to be sure, but the unfortunate thing is that there’s many a misguided patriot who has been bamboozled by the pseudo-patriotism of the latter group. Let’s hope that changes, and that they begin to see things for what they really are.

    Yes, the economy IS dead, the nation is dead, its very soul having been sold to the highest bidder. And we know who that is.

    But as we approach the XMAS season (CHRISTMAS is passe, isn’t it?), expect the corporate beast, with its slick advertising and marketing, to emerge in all its glory and ensure that the debt-ridden masses reach into their wallets and pull out that piece of plastic, yet again. And as is the case each year, we will be served with more assurances that the economy is up and running and vibrant. Illusion and perception. That’s all that keeps this thing afloat. (Unless, of course, the predictions of some analysts become a reality and things begin to really unravel in the next few months. Then it will be a different ballgame.)

    Someone recently told me that instead of the negatives, we need to concentrate on all the good things the government is doing. I told the person that I honestly couldn’t think of any good things, other than the fact that it shoots itself in the foot every now and then, but that I’m still waiting for the head shot.

    • Eric

      “Someone recently told me that instead of the negatives, we need to concentrate on all the good things the government is doing.”

      That’s hilarious Angel! I meet these clueless imbeciles every day.

      I would have asked this person simply why? Then tell them that truth isn’t negative. That’s just your perception of it. This is reality.

      We need. We need. Whatever happened to I?

      • Angel

        It’s one thing to be a realist, Eric, refusing to live in the collective bubble of lies and b.s., instead, embracing truth and the freedom it brings, knowing that this truth is all that keeps us from embracing the matrix and feeding the Beast.

        But this shouldn’t be confused with those who are morbidly-obsessed with all that is wrong and bad, wandering through life hopeless, bitter, and angry, with no consideration to the possibility of renewal and a revolution in mass consciousness. These people are just as enslaved as those who view everything as pollyanna.

        No matter how many bubbles are burst in the process, we ought to stand by our principles and deep-seated convictions. Now is not the time compromise when so much is at stake. Those who are open to it will understand and do likewise, hence encouraging the process further. Those who aren’t will continue to cower in their false reality, neutered and denying the very process of their own potential to evolve.

        The choice is theirs, as free will transcends even the matrix.

    • SGT

      Hey Angel, OMG – “Someone recently told me that instead of the negatives, we need to concentrate on all the good things the government is doing.”

      I sure would love to see the list of the top ten things that person would come up with for you. In fact, maybe you could ask them for the list and then write a short piece about it for this site?!

      • Angel

        I don’t think they could do it, Sean. Unless they used their imagination or parroted some nonsense they heard on the MSM.

        But I will ask all the same. I’m also curious.

      • Hugo

        In case you like, here a bullet point list on the good things government is doing from a Dutch semi friend of mine and thus a Dutch pov. This is a short summary. I would not mind to turn it in a short essay called ”love for government from a near communist run and brainwashed country called Holland pov” (or something more short smile)

        1) The government provides for our roads and public transport. Only they can do that fairly otherwise we would have a private monopoly and we sure dont want that
        2) The government keeps us safe from thugs, bandits and foreign enemies. We cannot do that on our own
        3) Now we have the EUro we do not have to change money every time we cross a border
        4) Without the borders we have no hassles at border passing. (note, since we have the so called Schengen agreement arranging that people have to ID them everywhere so the border are actually now everywhere)
        5) The government keeps business honest so we dont have to fear to be ripped off by dishonest merchants
        6) The government takes good care of food quality control so we can trust that well
        7) Only government(s) can take care of the global enviromental system and make us treat it better
        8) Government makes sure everyone has acces to good public education
        9) The government takes care of the elderly if no one else can so they can still live the rest of their life in a dignified way even if they have no one.
        10) The government makes sure we have a fair justice system.
        11) The government makes sure the discrimination issue is being tackled
        12) The government sets minimum wages so them people also can enjoy a sort of good life
        13) Government provides the basic services for people if they are unemployed too long so they at least have acces to housing, healthcare and food
        14) Government makes sure that the energy companies taking natural resources from the country (Holland is a big natural gas producer) pays a fair price to the treasury and thus public.
        15) The majority of people decide who will rule them
        16) The government is being kept in check by the law, NGO’s, press etc so cannot do big harm even if they made the bad decisions
        17) The government made sure we have the best pension system in the world so we know we have a good pension when we retire (note, agreed to a degree since it is an asset based system here)

        Btw, I like the guy since he is good fun but his political views and level of informedness….. Iam sure I forgot some point since this was a lengthy discussion from over a year ago.

        regards Hugo

        • Angel

          Hugo, this response may as well be a carbon copy of the response one would get over here, in the land of the FEE and home of the SLAVE. Same mindset, different continent.

          They worship the god of government, bow to its every dictate, believe it to have authority over them, and yet they have the nerve to call themselves free. They have no clue what REAL freedom is, nor are they interested in finding out. TOO much freedom is a threatening concept to such people.

          Of course, WE could talk about this until the cows come home, but we may as well be from another planet when talking with them. The thought that people such as us exist actually frightens them.

          2 + 2 = 5

          • Hugo

            Hi Angel,

            Totally agree with what you state. Sometimes I even think there are 2 different spiecies of humans. It reminds me a this quote;

            “Nothing, has been more amply demonstrated during the past three thousand years than this; That the great majority of men do not esteem, or understand, or even desire personal liberty. What they value is the semblance of liberty, coupled with indulgence.”

            Freeman Tilden

            regards Hugo

          • WillyT

            Angel, Ditto here in Canada as well. Same crap, same continent different country. We are almost a mirror image of the U.S. Some slight variations in our political systems. Canada reports to the same masters as the U.S

            • Angel

              @ Hugo & Willie T:

              It’s called “progressive”. Of course, it’s in name only. Their policies and belief systems are REGRESSIVE, as you guys well know.

              It seems that the US and Canada inherited much of this crapolla from the social democrats of Europe, where it’s been around much longer. Funny thing is, North America might actually end up surpassing many of the European countries with an eventual full-blown fasco-communist system in the not-so-distant future. In some ways, we’re already there.

              • Hugo

                Hi again Angel,

                I have to say (and stress) that the EUropean system in place now does NOT resemble the social democratic system we had before. This one has been rolled out since early 1990 era. Yes, the system the USA has now is based on the ”new” Dutch system and your ex president Clinton was very impressed by it and took it over. Its so called 3th way.

                From mr Clinton,
                ”Wim Kok, from The Netherlands, actually was doing all this before we were. He just didn’t know that—he didn’t have anybody like Al From who could put a good label on it. [Laughter] But he was doing it, for years and years and years. Tony Blair has made me long for a parliamentary system. ”
                ”At our last luncheon, one of the members made a crack that we had five members of the last Politburo of the Soviet Union sitting around our table today. And another one said, “Yes, and a lot of the rest of us should have been on the Politburo, but we weren’t.” [Laughter] And it was a picture of how much the world has changed. ”

                Lots more in this piece on the theme if you are interested;

                Sadly I think Holland is still ahead of the USA in rolling out, what you call, the fasco-communist system. That minus the militarised police btw. The USA is miles ahead of that and that is one of the things that cannot be done here now otherwise it will destroy the ”good government meme” (long story).

                I think this whole (3th way) thing has basically to do with tapping into the human tribal instinct and manipulate it. In the USA that was not possible before since so many nationalities and cultures pouring in. But that is a thing of the past a long time (ignoring the current USA border issues obviously) so now the USA has tribes as well…. Just thinking out loud since not my field of expertise.

                regards Hugo

                • Hugo

                  Hi there Angel,

                  Since this post is not sticky anymore I like to suggest we continue the sharing of ideas in the sticky of mr Hofman. I will not look up this post tomorrow in the archives for sure (smile)

                  regards and enjoy your weekend,

                • Angel

                  Alright then, Hugo, catch up elsewhere.

        • Angel

          Should I speak with this acquaintance of mine any time soon, I will compare their points to yours and pass it along.

  • Hugo

    ps, excuse me,

    Great interview with mr Schlanger Sean. I always enjoy listening to him and his very clear and honest answers to big problems. Most of the time the ”big problems” turn out to be way smaller problems… Always nice to realise that and being shown that in such a clear way.

    regards, Hugo

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