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The American Government Continues to Target Preppers

from All Self Sustained:

Over the recent years the Survival Community has seen an increase in hostile smear campaigns targeting preppers for practicing their constitutional rights. Now, Americans concerned about the future of their country are treated like criminals in the land of the free. The Survival Community, who believe in independence and self reliance while practicing rational precautions. This Community of veterans, entrepreneurs, small business owners, tax payers and voters who bleed red, white, and blue are under attack.

The same independent spirit we have is what makes us targets, independence is counter progressive, and in this country progressives control the narrative. Progressives’ goals require absolute control to be ‘successful’. The reason these radical progressives get away with their nefarious plans? People in this country do not accept an absolute tip of the scales as a possibility. Well dear friends, a country that deviates from the constitution, deviates from the glory of freedom.

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