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MUST WATCH: Target of the Engineered Drought Catastrophe: California

[Ed. Note: We sent this presentation via Twitter to Joe Rogan who still thinks the topics of ‘chem trails’ & geo-engineering are derision worthy.]

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from Dane Wigington:

The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA maps shown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.
hat tip: John S.

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22 comments to MUST WATCH: Target of the Engineered Drought Catastrophe: California

  • willy groper

    I appreciate this man’s work. One thing that troubles me. There’s more to this equation. There is a perfect recipe for both Alzhiemers & Autism. What is being left out is the adoption of cell phone usage. Overlay the deployment with both maladies with geo-eng & cell phone adoption. I GUARANTEE YOU WE ARE ALL SLOWLY BEING ELECTRICUTED! I learned the hard way after a smart meter was installed. Numerous industries have sprung up from this madness. Think dry eyes & big pharma “Restasis” are not linked to radiation? The bioinitiative report links non-ionizing radiation to Autism. What I am alluding to is aluminum is a conductor. We are electrical beings. With it crossing the BBB it’s obvious there is mucho malice aforethought. By 2017 it’s estimated 50% of the populace will be EHS. This crap is stealth Agenda 21 while making you bend over for carbon taxes & soon to be VMT taxes.


    • SGT

      you wrote: By 2017 it’s estimated 50% of the populace will be EHS

      …what is EHS ? …and BBB?

      • AgShaman

        Electro-Hypersensitivity Syndrome.

        Earthing to the Schumann resonance is beneficial to all animals and humans. We are being bombarded electromagnetically for a reason….

        Mainly it causes a list of symptoms that keep humans weak and their immune systems functioning poorly

        • Hannon

          It just plain feels good as well. I built a small rock dam in a small local river and made a nice little wading area for just that purpose with my kids, feet in the water will ground you real nice and discharge the garbage. In fact it turned into a nice area that started to attract locals(I orgonited it to). Me and my three year old even got our picture on the front page of the local rag, then the city made me tear it down for “environmental” reasons 🙁

  • Willy groped

    EHS=electronic hyper sensitivity
    BBB=blood brain barrier

  • andrew james

    How difficult can it be to find alternative compounds that have the same Electro valence as Arsenic and other semi conductor materials?

  • Eric B

    My take is they have no choice but, to suppress the rainfall in the western Pacific region……it keeps Fukashima fallout at bay! Look at the big picture! They are desperately buying time…… serfs humble opinion…..

    • willy groper

      considering its been going on since the 90’s, I seriously doubt the motives are benevolent.

    • petedivine

      The rain that doesn’t fall on California still falls on the rest of the nation. You may want to revisit your Fukashima theory, unless of course the drought in California benefits Californians at the expense of the rest of the nation.

    • Stopping rain in california to avoid fallout from Fukishima, sounds good but the biosphere cannot be so easily redirected. No one knows from whee the next wind or rain will come. In any case one must consicer that long term droughts, especially in the American south west have been repeting on a regular basis for thousands of years. The anastasi tribe left the área and consiberable city there because of drought.
      North aftica and Sahara were Green and watered until it started to dry up about 7,000 years ago and the Romans, Carthiginians finally abandoned the place.
      The drought continues northward into Spain. The earth has long term cycles which we cannot understand because we only see the last few thousands of years.
      ex. twice the entire earth was an entirely frozen ice ball, and it melted and restarted twice. probably it will happen again but on a very long time scale.

      True that humans are abusing the planet, and California is an example of bad human stupid environmental behavior which is suicide. As long as mindless and insane Hollywood goes, I won´t care.
      One way or the other with the Isreal genocide and population reduction in the entire middle east and Eurasia, we are doomed long before the wáter problema hits us. They love oil more than they love wáter
      Netanyahu would love to move all those wealthy zionists from California to Israel anyway, and a severe drought could be the trick. RV

  • Nick

    Rogan and Corrolla are cowards, they play dumb because their careers are more important than integrity. Sad, but how many fall into line for money, they’re countless. I’ve heard those two break down very complex elements of different subjects, but when it comes to 911 or chem-trails they fall in line and lick the mainstream ass. Pathetic

  • glitter 1

    We were born into electro-magnetic fields and we will die in electro-magnetic fields.If you live in a dwelling wired for electricity,you are immersed in EMF.If you have power utility poles in front of your house,you are immersed in EMF.If you drive a car,use a cell phone,live in civilization(there are cell/micro-wave towers),GPS,direct TV,etc,it’s all EMF/Micro-wave exsposure.There’s no escaping it unless you plan on moving to Alaska’s wilderness and live off the grid in a hut.I’m sure if given a choice,people are not going to sacrifice their modern day life style and endure a little EMF pollution.Then again they/you can continue to smoke dope,do drugs,take meds,cigs,wasting livers filtering alcohol and poor diet.There’s alot that can kill ya,EMF is low on the list.

    • willy groper

      Wait until you become EHS.

      Guaranteed you’ll be singing a different tune.

      While you mention certain destructive life styles, choice is one thing and force is another. Either you dismiss, or downplay the DNA damage being done to you & children being sterilized from it. Nor do you realized the extent of the electro smog. Place a dect phone by your bed or a plant by a wireless router. You’ll have a new lense with which to view. Better yet go to & educate yourself.

      It is a big change to go backwards in technology. No wifi, bluetooth, corded phone. Believe me, using an RF analyzer they measure the same just as you were sticking your head in a microwave oven, which BTW is not safe. All it takes is a health crisis hitting your pocket book from it. With that, good luck finding a doctor with a clue. That’s the only thing that gets anyone to look up from their hypnotizing gadgets anymore.

  • Sam

    This spraying campaign being committed against every living cell on earth really seems unimaginable but, the evidence is clear.

    Who are these bastards and what will it take to expose their sick agenda?

  • Sam

    The spraying campaign being committed against every living cell on earth really seems unimaginable but, the evidence is clear.
    Who are these arrogant bastards and what will it take to expose their sick agenda?

  • jerry

    An alien agenda is the only thing that would make any sense out of this at all.

    This quote comes to mind “Once you eliminate what is false, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”

  • The drought in California will be over as soon as somebody drops an Orgonite TOWERBuster every 1/4 mile
    Or so just off the coastline. Forget about FUKASHIMA it was a non event just another PHY-OP to instill
    F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal in everyOne. If You want to know who THEY are just look to the ancient PARASITE the
    BANKSTERS who have the entire world enslaved in DEBT!

  • Btw CHEMTRAILS are quickly erased with the distribution of cheap simple to make Orgonite t/b’s tossed in the bushes from a moving vehicle at each TOWER site! There is so many of Us doing that now that the CHEMTRAIL AGENDA was defeated years ago. You will notice that CHEMTRAILS drift harmlessly sideways now and rarely touch terra-ferma anymore. It has been proven over a decade ago that those TOWERS are not for CELL PHONEs but are for WEATHER CONTROL. Once You gift all the TOWRES IN Your city You will bring abundant rain guaranteed! What have You got to loose gather up a pail of metal shavings and go buy a gallon of fiberglass resin and make tb’s and gift Your TOWRES and any other sources of BAD Energy.

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