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Strategic Relocation Briefing: Someplace Warm, Safe, And Far Away From Major Metro Areas

by Joel Skousen, SHTFPlan:

Southern Utah has two key advantages as a retreat area: 1) it’s the closest 5-star rated state (Utah and Idaho) within a day’s drive of Southern California and Phoenix and 2) it’s the only area in that high security region that has a moderate and sunny winter climate. Yes, both of those are compromise criteria, but there are a lot of people in SoCal and So. Arizona that desperately need a safe retreat option within reach by car.

Although seeking a warm climate retreat is a contradiction of terms relative to safety, you’d be surprised how many consultation calls I get from people who feel they can’t tolerate the cold of the safer northern retreat areas and want to relocate to someplace warm. They want both safety and a warm balmy climate for easy living during the remaining good years. That’s never possible in the truly warm winter areas because the easy living climate always attracts too many people of the soft, fun loving variety who don’t do well in a crisis. That said, Southern Utah is about the warmest climate they’ll get at the southern end of the highly rated Intermountain West. It rarely freezes there, as evidenced by the proliferation of desert palm trees.

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