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Strategic Relocation Briefing: “Everyone Should Always Have A Backup Plan”

by Joel Skousen, SHTFPlan:

This week I’m going to take a break from covering US destinations and take a look at a another pretty good foreign destination—the small nation of Uruguay, where I have lived and have a lot of friends and personal experience. South America is being looked at by more and more expats as China and Russia become more aggressive, and where a future nuclear world war is very much on people’s minds. Not only is it relatively free from targets in a nuclear war, but it’s also been free from the effects of Fukushima.

Uruguay is a large and flat plain with only a few isolated hills surrounded between its long coast on the southern Atlantic Ocean and the Uruguay River to the west, which separates Uruguay from Argentina. It borders Brazil on the north. Before president Franklin Roosevelt sent thousands of Eucalyptus trees to Uruguay, this nation was almost treeless—just one big grassy plain populated by Gauchos (the Uruguay cowboy) and farmers. Nowadays, you see a lot of trees, and some still in large blocks of cultured forests, planted all in rows like crops. The soil is fertile and Uruguay raises a lot of organic cattle and sheep—giving Uruguayans its well-deserved reputation for their fine grass fed meat, prepared over an open fire on the “Parrilla” (wood fired grill).

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